Priceless Kiss

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This story is all about love.. how a boy fall in love with a girl and after a while what are the tragic changes occurs which changes their life unconditionally..and how the friends helps in all the condition..

The Intro..

A new day with murmuring of birds , light dawn fresh air with a pale view of sun rising east..
A place where worship is a treasure to god , INDIA waking up for a new expansion ..But!! but tragic condition :P
All set wake up alarm but no response .. Their is still someone who is sleeping, a boy namely Abhinav.. not much tensed , and with a punch line "everything is possible" but god knows the thing is possible or not :for him :P
Dreams in his own way , having his own imagery life , not much talk .. being kind and simple, with a little evil thoughts.. ;)

College life..

Clear and confident view,still shy, average student less scolds with energetic presentations he proves himself that yes he's having some qualities making him unique.. than others in the class..

His friends always says that Abhinav you are good looking you should have a girlfriend , but Abhinav never thought of having any .. so he always refuses them by saying no way..
Abhinav and his friends rejoices every single moment of time with each other , canteens food and small parties with chill outs keeps them busy ... and the life goes On..

New Life covers old

One day on his Account a girl Namely Nihira who's a classmate of Abhinav sends him a Friends Request.
He accepts that with ease..
sooner they become fast friends and merely do conversation in classroom..
one day Nihira falls in love with Abhinav...
n proposes him in front of his classmates ... Abhinav says yes..

After this the whole thing changes love birds keep on messaging each other they call each n every secrets of them self ..

not realizing day by day loosing his old friends abhinav .. keep on getting closer to Nihira ...malls different places, both enjoy together .. the love goes high...

and The love goes on leaving old friends as an forgotten sand..

Dark Clouds

but after a sudden dark clouds covers up the situation , leading to fights n quarrels between the sweet couples ..

no messaging no conversation leads on increasing the tension between the two...
daily fight cause's the break up conditions ..When Abhinav friends observes these weirdo conditions! They plan to come forward to help their friend Abhinav in this situation ..They Plan to gift a package to his girlfriend by the name of Abhinav..
But Situation gets even more worse..She replies to Abhinav you cannot buy love.. our love was unconditional but lost somewhere.. and that night both cries with no sleep ..
Abhinav gets Angry to his friends next day... and warns them to never come in front of him again..But Friends are friends :P

New Rise and a New Gift

To change the mess up condition his friends organizes a party where both Abhinav and Nihira are invited..

a Huge Crowd Abhinav and Nihira knowing but still behaves unknown to each other..
the sweet couple being alone not talking to each other..sitting opposite to each other ...
So Abhinav friends calls him by saying that someone is calling him , same is done with Nihira ,after this both of them both faces each other .. n by watching each other again they cherish those moments when they were together , the proposal , small fights , n love ...tears n a extremely small conversation,Nihira stops him by saying 'don't speak ,want to gift you something 'she kiss him to the fullest, that kiss of emotions those cherishing days, the love they made together a blurry flash back, the Priceless Kiss ever which cause the two to be together again... with love..

So in this story its not neccessary that you should gift expensive gifts to your girlfriend, without any conversation even a single kiss can be a gift for your lover n yea true love exist :) ^.^


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