Prince Harry - Rant

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This is a personal rant about my thoughts on Prince Harry.

Prince Harry - Rant

Prince Harry. Hero of many. Going to fight in the name of Britain in the war in Iraq. Regardless on your view on the war I would like to hear your opinion on selfless young Harry risking his life for his country.

Personally. I think the above is bullshit. He's been glorified and plastered all over the news for doing what thousands of other nameless soldiers are doing. Why? Becaus Harry here is a Royal family member. Big fucking wow! I dont give a shit about the Royal Family and I never will. For the record I have nothing against Harry and fair play to him for signing up but lets be honest why the fucking media circus? Do you know the names of all the soldiers in Iraq. No. Just Harry our country's patriotic hero. Fuck right off son!!!

The second point I want to debate about Prince Harry's wee exploits os the danger he is putting the other soldiers in. Once news gets round a Prince is in Iraq who do you think will be targeted as a hostage. The Royal family want a better image. Putting lives in danger needlessly is not the way to go about it. Fuck off with your glamrous soldier and do something proper like I don't know give millions to charity or here's a mad idea, Pay full tax!!! Of course the conspiracy theories have been going round already saying that now Harry is in Iraq the Royal Family can plot to have him killed to further their image. If the heroic son dies we can have a great mourning for him such as we did Diana ten years ago. Believe that if you want, I just want to say that the Royal Family can not redeem themselves for the murder of Diana by putting others lives in danger for the sake of media image!!! Fuck them and fuck the rest of Britain!!!!1



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