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There is no other person to talk with at troubled times except You. I am writing Him a secret letter in which you can relate also. Enjoy reading.

You are my Stronghold. My Savior. My Friend.

Dear Jesus Christ,

I am writing a letter to you for several reasons. First, I want to thank you for the daily blessings you give to me. Second, I want to converse with you about my future life. Third, I want to share with you what to do with my unfulfilled dreams. Many more to mention, my God. For sure, you also know why I am writing you a letter of course.

Jesus, I want you to know that I love you very much. Sorry sometimes if I do not visit you in your Holy place. Sorry if sometimes I do not talk to you. I hope that you will learn to forgive me. Human as I am, I also commit mistakes. For you is the Perfect One. This is also the reason why I am sending you a letter. To recognize you that you are my God.

Listen to my heart....

Jesus, I am not begging you the things that I want because as you taught me when I was young to wait at the right time. Jesus, I cannot control myself to bug me and my future why things are not happening still. How long time do I wait? I am trying and doing something already but sometimes I cannot comprehend. Maybe it is a human behavior not to wait, to lose hope, to distrust and to detached away from faith. Jesus, I ask you with this matter. There is no other person whom I can fully trust with except You. You equip the knowledge and the power to make me understand. I have tried to share with my friends but they dessert me. The working advice from my family can help but I need the courage to lift me up. A fighting spirit. A benevolent heart. A faith that can move mountains. A disciplined me. An optimistic mind. I really need those, Jesus. Those are the things that I want from you.

Jesus, I hope and pray that I am not misguided. I want my future to work out. I would like to confess you about and I just do not understand why the unexpected things happen to me. My life occurrences seem to be ironical. Is this life’s design? Is this a challenge? Or is this the way it is to be? Jesus, I beg you to help me with this also.

Jesus, it is my pleasure that you are reading my letter. I hope that we can still have a close contact relationship. I am working so much so I can receive your reply. See you in my future plans. I love you Jesus.

Walking with faith,


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