Pro-Choice Does NOT Mean Pro-Abortion

Ken Painter By Ken Painter, 27th Aug 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Arising from a true life incident from a Facebook friend, this author takes on the pro-lifers for what he hopes is the final time. Please!

Pro-Choice Does NOT Mean Pro-Abortion

My Facebook friends and I have been facing an ongoing onslaught of sorts lately from the pro-life crowd, and we’re seriously growing weary of it. The latest series of salvos have grown out of a discussion that one of my best FB friends was having over this very topic with a new FB friend of hers, a discussion which she was trying to maintain on civil terms but which he just wouldn’t let go like a rabid dog with a juicy bone. Her air of civility and reason did not prevail in calming his war of incendiary rhetoric which grew to such inflammatory proportions that she finally grew so exasperated over the whole affair she found no recourse but to unfriend this person. A sad end to a sad affair. It almost sounds like Congress, doesn’t it?

And therein lies a huge problem I find that just doesn’t seem to go away. People who discuss this issue (too often the pro-lifers) just don’t seem to want to listen. It’s their viewpoint or none at all! NO, NO, NO! I respect your right to hold your viewpoint, but, please, stop telling me that not only is my viewpoint wrong but then turning it around and inside out and outright misrepresenting my viewpoint to the entire world (in other words, lying about it) so that you may score political points or whatever it does for your agenda and ego!

I am a 62 year-old father and grandfather. I was married to a wonderful woman for three decades before finally giving it up to be who I truly am, a gay man, and now I’ve been married to my husband for nearly five years. I taught in public schools throughout America before finishing my tenure in the Chicago Public Schools for the final 13 years of my career. I know people and families from all walks of life. This is not a topic I come to lightly. My ex-wife and I never would have chosen abortion for ourselves believing as we did, and as I still do that life begins at conception. As it turns out, my husband and his ex-wife also felt the same way, and he still feels that way also. However, never have my husband and I felt that it is any of our business to decide for a woman what to do with her body. We’ve always felt that the choice was a necessary one to be made by her, her doctor, and in conjunction with her God. In other words, it’s none of our damned business. We would hope that all decisions of this magnitude are made with great respect, deep thought, and education on the subject after much deliberation with prayer hopefully involved, but that, of course, would be left up to the spiritual inclination of the individuals involved. Nevertheless, the choice is still the woman’s final choice and not mine to judge.

I don’t understand all the rabid arguing from the rightwing pro-lifers or anyone making their viewpoint known on either side for that matter. Our position is simple. It cannot be stated more plainly. It doesn’t take a degree in English Composition to comprehend it. Leave us alone, and PLEASE cease and desist from the lies and distortions about our position on this subject! We CAN agree to disagree. Do you understand now?


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Retired Chicago public school teacher. Singer, songwriter, musician, author, & opinionated old curmudgeon. Married to my husband & living in Colorado, USA. Also a father & grandfather.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
27th Aug 2013 (#)

Very good points, yes a lot of people who are pro choice are accused of being pro abortion and it is NOT the same thing at all.

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author avatar Ken Painter
27th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks for the comment, Mark. I just felt it necessary to set the record straight once and for all time. Appreciate it!

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