Problem of Initial Condition: Disturbing Questions

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Are these planets rotating without any law? Were it randomly that the varied rotation times of planets and the sun came into existence?

Rebellious thoughts

Solar flares, sun spots and any other minor activities in the mother sun affect its tiny children, the planets and ‘afterbirth’, the satellites and meteorites. The mass of the sun affects the speed of revolution of bodies around it.

Yet, it is amazing to see that intellectuals, bound by age old ‘effect-explaining science’ under the grip of scientific dogmas, just as fanatics by religious ones, believing there is no relationship between the rotation of the sun with the revolution of its subordinates around.

It is quite disgusting as Galileo, the great scientist, refused to consider at first the concept of elliptical orbit Johannes Kepler put forward for planets since circles and smoothness were considered the order of the universe those days; fractals were unknown.

Why shouldn’t one depend on the rotation of central mass? It does not have anything to do with the equations of gravitation described centuries back! Artificial satellites can revolve in any plane irrespective of the rotation of the central mass.

But, here arises ‘The Problem of Initial Condition’ that puzzled Newton and still remains unsolved. Why do all the planets and spherical satellites revolve around the sun in the same direction, and that too, almost in the same plane? Is it mere coincidence? Great!

What about homeostasis in mammals and birds that help them to survive heat and cold? Why should sea water heave at the opposite side of the earth during spring tide? Is it to balance the earth? Does the earth know that it should do so or else its tilt would change? Why do cells divide? Is it to sustain race? Does DNA or RNA think it should divide or else their very existence is under threat?

Is there no alternative?

It is high time to review physical science thoroughly if science is a way to reach better truth than ‘clutching the old gods’.
Based on a ‘new space concept’ An approximation has been developed, after hard work of about six years, for planetary rotation that shows there is possibility for a strong relationship between rotation of the sun and revolution of plants during the formation of solar system.
It is explained in the website below. The approximation also shows a startling fact, that is, the fundamental constants pi, G (universal gravitational constant), c (the velocity of electromagnetic waves) are inter connected through the diameter and density of the universe. It could be described by dimensionally correct equation. But, it would not be considered by scientific or religious communities at present. Let time prove it as it has done with relativity of mass and time. Thanks.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
23rd Oct 2012 (#)

It is said that the Sun emits colours of varied Auric intensity wherein each intensity attracts a particular planet to move in that particular plane wherein it becomes a chosen path. The intensities are characterised by way of energies that only a particular form can adjust to not all of them and that is why Mercury cannot revolve in the place of Planet Earth, Venus in the place of Jupiter etc.

Each of the planets function at a specific vibrational frequency which is proportionate to the intensity emitted from the Sun. It is this co-relation that begets the specific alignment that many now view as a natural cosmic phenomenon created by the Universe to bring a specific solar system together within the intensity of One single Energy Form, in this case the Sun.

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