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Problem - It's an Illusion

Life is at Stake for everybody.Right from the birth age till the age of death people suffers from this.
Some has problem based on Health issues.Some has family issues,some relationships,some academic or curricular things as well.
The Depiction of these things is really very tough.Science has no reasons to say why do a person can't stay without a problem.
Its a true fact that noone wants that problems should exist in their life.Evryone feels that having problems is a time waste and facing them is
a mere waste of our will which we could invest in doing something else.
Believing in Vedas or other Upanishads or many ancient Books...
Problem is just a phenomenal Condition that Exist in evrybody's mind.It has no real Existence.It can be stated as an Illusion.
In a modern day(so far due to evolution),it can be related with an example.
"If a fly gets stuck into spider's web,for a spider its not a big deal to walk over the web and catch Fly which becomes its Lunch :P.
But at the same moment its a problematic situation for a fly to remove itself from that Web."
The above condition so explains that its totally an Illusion with that we can say feeling Normal is also an illusion for in the above case,
The Spider felt so normal walking through its web whereas situation was totally different in case of a Fly.
Now as we know whatever be the case,Problem exists for all or in other words, Everybody comes up and brings their life up with possesing a Certain kind of Illusion.
So the question here arises as "Is having that illusion and then trying to delete it is good or not possesing any such illusion a Good thing?"
Basically both the situation are good enough.But the first one is Better than the last one because if one doesn't possess any illusion he continues evrything in a smooth way
and he is unaware of the facts of life that there exists Goosebumps or not.And he cannot predict the situation well during his tough time, because he is unaware of Problems.
Whereas in first case, A person as he comes up with chaos he wish that it should be resolved and while resolving it he learns a lot of facts in life that helps him to know
more and create major concern about things.
We have seen many examples for this kind of things.
Many influential persons got their names only by having an Illusion in life and thus trying multiple attempts to remove them.
Their are many of such..
Indian Rishis in vedic period,indian mathematicians,scholars,kings..
Greek Epic scholars,archaelogists,mathematicians...
Scientists of current Era..Sportsman..Academician...
Many Business persons,Owners of Companies etc.
Thus this becomes a relevant thing to believe that problem exists for all and one should believe it rather than taking it as a negative Concern.
Lastly,Whatever I see as a problem may exist so simple for you, this can be cleared by proving that our growing conditions were totally different , I posses Genes
of my parents and my parents of their parents and so does you.Also we have a different mindset so thus we should not blame anybody for any kind of problem they might see
and complain that their life situation is tough currently.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Nov 2014 (#)

Problems are also opportunities that test our mettle.Thankfully, we are given the ability to face and overcome them and, most importantly, learn and not to make similar mistakes in life - siva

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author avatar Sanket
13th Nov 2014 (#)

Yes Sir, totally valid statement.
If there were no problems there would not be any revolution.
Because yes, every problem taught us how to face to the world.
And so problem exist to all.

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