Professional Politicians VS Political Professionals: What's The Beef?

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Today in our American Political Arena, we are witnessing the demise of a Nation’s willingness to stand for the right and point fingers at all of the wrong with the cows getting mad. What is all the beef about? It is about the unfairness that is leveled at the poor, the Elderly and the Middle class.

Professional Politicians Vs Political Professionals: What's The Beef?

The Cows Are Getting Mad. What’s the beef politically and professionally speaking in American Democracy between the political parties today? Specifically, the Democrats, the GOP, the Tea Party branch of the GOP, and The Independent Party. What is all the beef about?

This is not about the Beef that is the meat from a cow over one year old. No! No! The beef that I am referring to is the beef used in the colloquial (slang) context. The arguments in our government that is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people in the United States of America.
When we stand together and work together, difficult issues can be solved, resolved or if necessary desolved fo the good of all.

Today in our American Political Arena, we are witnessing the demise of a Nation’s willingness to stand for the right and point fingers at all of the wrong with the cows getting mad. What is all this beef about?

While the true intent of Modern political discourse focuses on democracy and the relationship between people and politics. Modern politics has become a practice that embraces unfair prejudices and demeaning views by some radicals who, because of their professional standing, are seeking to preserve and revert back to the bygone days of the past, the preservation of the rich and the oppression of the middleclass and the poor. The Modern day system no longer is thought of as the way we "choose government officials and make decisions about public policy, but a way to keep “the forty seven percent” of the people portrayed as “free loaders and handout seekers” and “wards’ of the Federal Government.

It is interesting to note that the term Politics (from Greek politikos "of, for, or relating to citizens") is the art or science of influencing people on a civic, or individual level, when there are more than 2 people involved. In the past Presidential Election, the GOP and their Tea Party co-harts tried desperately to take America back to the days of “Old” by using the old schemes and tricks of the past, and are still trying to suppress the people’s right to vote.

It is also interesting to observe the Professionals of our Societies who stand at the head of the grand old themes of such actions and deceits. Now a professional, as many of us know is a person who is engaged in a certain activity, or occupation, for gain or compensation as means of livelihood; such as a permanent career, not as an amateur or pastime. The traditional professions were doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects and commissioned military officers. Today, the term is applied to nurses, accountants, educators, scientists, technology experts, social workers, artists, librarians (information professionals) and many more. Those are the norms by which many of us know them, but the emergence of them who have come on the political scene now, have not come to champion the cause of all the people, not even the majority of the people, but trample the downtrodden, dismantle the programs that aid the Elderly and the poor, and cast the Middleclass into the pit of forgetfulness. The modern day profession politician is out to stem the tide of progress and unity, as well as keep the rights of the Roles of women, Minorities, and the long neglected Gay and Lesbian people in their place.

The term professional is also used in sports to differentiate amateur players from those who are paid—hence "professional footballer" and "professional golfer". Many companies include the service.

In some cultures, the term professional is used as shorthand to describe a particular social stratum of well-educated, salaried workers who enjoy considerable work autonomy and are commonly engaged in creative and intellectually challenging work.

Due to the personal and confidential nature of many professional services, and thus the necessity to place a great deal of trust in them, most professionals are subject to strict codes of conduct enshrining rigorous ethical and moral obligations. The word professional in their store name to imply the quality of their workmanship and their integrity.

But the modern day professionals that has invaded the Grand Old Party that the Minorities came to trust and have confidence in, has changed not for the better but for the worse. Sad to say, but there are still a small group of Blacks, Latinos and others who, by no fault of their own, are still deceived by thinking and hoping that the Party of Lincoln will still be the source of their hopes and aspirations in the years to come. To them we say, “Safety is still in numbers and you need to be numbered with the majority. United we stand and in God we trust. The Lovers of money will deceive and fail you, but the Lovers of God will stand with you, whatever comes your way.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
16th Mar 2013 (#)

Sadly , in all walks of life we see a dog eat dog mentality , but so as not to leave the cat lovers out , we also see ...You scratch my back , and I'll scratch yours ...Whatever the political leaning or agenda . It's amazing how ' professional ' people can get at those habits to climb the ladders of success. In God's kingdom purposes , He tells us to be as a servant , if we aspire to be the greatest , and to give , and then it shall be given back to us , pressed down and shaken together and overflowing . That is a ' Profession ' worth aspiring to . the rewards may come later though .
Bless you Johnbee.

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author avatar johnbee
14th May 2013 (#)

Thank you. May God continue to bless you and all that you do for Christ!

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author avatar Retired
14th May 2013 (#)

Very very interesting post. Very powerful. Keep up the work my friend, we need more writers like you. I'll continue to follow your writings as you do the same for me. Thanks

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author avatar johnbee
14th May 2013 (#)

I most certainly will. Thanks for the comment!

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