Professor Toorneef's last day at the university

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Professor Toorneef gives his very last lecture at the university, but he also has a surprize proposition for Jakstein, his brightest student.

Professor Toorneef's last day at the university

Kevin Sweefarend lights a candle in the shepherd's dwelling next to the sheep kraal. He has to sleep here tonight, so that he can hear if anyone steals the sheep during the night.

It's still early, so he decides to read a few more pages from the book, "Snuf Blaffelaar visits Electopia".

The chapter he reads opens with a scene at the university.

Inside one of the lecture halls, Professor Toorneef finishes giving his last class. His message is that if is students ever have a problem, science can probably assist.

Then he dismisses the class, for the very last time.

Jakstein is packing his books in his bag, when Professor Toorneef comes to talk to him.

Professor Toorneef has a proposition for Jakstein: How would Jakstein like to be Professor Toorneef's apprentice in his next venture?

It's an honor for Jakstein to be asked, because Professor Toorneef would never ask anybody he believes could possibly be a waste of his time.

But Professor Toorneef wants to know now if Jakstein is willing.

It is then that Jakstein has to confess: There is something else he was thinking of trying first, before he commits to accepting any such employment.

Professor Toorneef believes he knows what Jakstein is talking about: Becoming a writer.

Yep, that is indeed it. Jakstein cannot deny it. He has this dream of becoming a very good, very famous, financially successful writer.

Professor Toorneef is not very impressed. What he is offering Jakstein is much more sure, much more stable, much more secure, and above all, it will start paying him money NOW. Not when.

Becoming a financially successful writer on the other hand may be a very long road, very uncertain, and lots of work that may never pay off, and there is no certainty that one will survive financially for long enough in order to land a good book deal or something along those lines.

What will Jakstein decide? See what happens and if Jakstein decides to take Professor Toorneef up on his offer...


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