Promises: Are they true?

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This is a story about two friends and how their journey begins and what will be the outcome after an unexpected event

The Promise

In the age of fifteen, Mich found someone who is always there for her. He is his best friend, his knight in shining armor and his prince. He met Ken when she is about eight years old, in a cold rainy night. She was lost that day and don’t know where to go but, little Ken arrived and saved her from sadness. That day onward their journey as friends begin.
Every day, they meet at their favorite place which is the beach. They play and enjoy each other company. When they are together it seems that they have their own world. As time pass by, their friendship grew stronger and deeper. They have a certain feeling that if anyone feels sad, alone or something is wrong they knew it right away, like “instincts”. They both love to sing. Ken loves photography and Mich loves writing. They share each other dreams and thoughts. They even plan to travel around the world.
Two years had passed and Ken was in High School while Mich is left in the last year of grade school. They become busy and they rarely communicate. Mich was sad for he miss him so much, she feel that those happy days with him was just a good memory that she will always remember. But one summer, when she woke up, she was surprised for she saw a face of an angel smiling on her holding a green rose flower . She hugged him tight and tears flow to her cheeks. She never expected that Ken will come, find and see her.
Ken said “I’m sorry if I have been busy for the past months but even a minute I did not stop thinking about you”. Mich wiped the tears away and threw a light punch to him as a sign of forgiveness. Mich sadness suddenly vanished that day and her heart was filled up with joy. Every summer Ken would visit her. They exchange stories while they are away and their amazing bond is alive again.
Time had gone so fast, Mich will be a high school student while Ken will be a sophomore. “Mom, I wanted to study where Ken is. Please...” Mich begged but her mom won’t let her for they can’t afford the tuition fee. Ken’s family was very rich though, her mom is a manager and her dad is a neurologist. While, Mich’s mom is a secondary teacher and her dad is a rice dealer. They have a really big different lifestyle.
Even in different school, Ken always found a way to meet up with Mich. Sometimes they spend their weekend together in Ken’s place. Ken’s parents are nice to Mich, in fact they treat her as their own daughter. When they are together there are times that it will feel awkward. They are having a certain feeling that maybe they are falling for each other but nobody is brave enough to tell. Mich feel jealous if she hears that Ken is dating a girl and Ken would feel the same way too but, in their selves they don’t have the right to confront each other for they are only friends.
One year later, Ken invited Mich to go out of country. Mich then said “Are you being serious? I know you’re rich but going out of country just the two of us is absurd”. Ken replied “everything is planned already, so don’t worry just prepare yourself because we are leaving in a week, I already talk to your parents and mom and dad agree with my plans, I won’t take no for an answer”. Mich was shocked and surprised at the same time. She did not think too much about it because she know it is impossible.
After a week Ken arrived at her house fetching Mich. Mich was laughing so hard for she thought it was really a joke. Ken grabbed her and immediately they went to the airport. Mich was out of the world that time, she slap her face if she was just dreaming. They were going to Bangkok, Thailand just the two of them and a chaperon. After a couple of hours they finally arrived. They stayed in the hotel. They rest and in the following day they started to tour Bangkok.
They taste different delicacies, they joined with a ritual dance, they went to the famous floating market and they went to this beautiful park. In the third night, they went to the busy street of “chao phraya” it was very crowded that they hold each other’s hand so tightly but Mich hand slipped away and they were separated. Ken was not aware that Mich was not by his side anymore. He just noticed it when it was very silent. They try to find each other, running around the corner. They try to call each other but they can’t communicate. Hours had passed and both of them are tired. The rain started to pour down. Mich found a place where she can stay out of the rain. She started crying and she was so cold and was so afraid. Suddenly, she hears a wet footsteps walking towards her. She thought it was a bad guy or a pervert but it was Ken, she found her just like their first meeting. They hugged each other and Ken said “don’t be lost out of my sight again; I don’t know what to do if I have lost you”. That night they made a promise that they will not leave each other and nothing will ever separate them. Ken gave her a beautiful silver necklace that she purposely bought for her as a sign of this promise and Mich give him a ring in return.
A week had passed and they were returning home. They will miss Bangkok but, they will treasure the moments they have in there together.
Three days had passed and Mich was pissed off for Ken did not even send her a single message. She decided to visit him in his house when she arrived Ken was actually waiting for her. Ken said “I’m expecting for you for almost three days now, I have a very important matter to tell you”. Mich was filled of confusion for she knew something was not right. In his bedroom, he started talking “you know what I was very lucky to have you, you are such an amazing girl, the time we spent together is very magical and in random colors, I don’t know if I can find another girl like you in the future”. Mich replied “what are you trying to say?” He said “I’m sorry, I knew you wouldn't like it but I’m going to study abroad, it is all set and I can’t do anything about it, its grandmas’ decision so I must obey”. She replied “What? No! You promised me that we will never leave each other. I can’t believe this!” (While crying)
Mich runs quickly outside the house while Ken is after her. She suddenly stops when she heard a loud crush. When she turned around Ken was lying on the ground. She run towards him as fast as she could, she’s crying very hard when Ken wiped her tears and said “the thing that I hate the most is to see you cry, so please smile”. Ken was grabbed by the Medics and Mich was left alone there and her whole world shattered.
After 24 hours, Ken died. He was cremated and his parents decided to go to the states and try to forget everything and move on. Mich put the necklace around the container where Ken’s ash is placed. His parents did not blame Mich for what happen but Mich knew it was her fault. Before they leave, Ken’s mom let Mich look in Ken’s room for the last time. Inside his room was a wall full of their pictures, those happy memories they spent together. Mich tries to go out immediately she can’t handle the pain and tears started falling but she decided to stay. In his table there is a song book that has four songs composed for her entitled “I want to tell you, I’m here, Always be and Friends Forever”. And the ring the she gave is also there. She was speechless for the songs tell what Ken’s true feeling about her is. He loves her, but it was too late.
Every night she was crying so hard remembering what happen. It feels it was just a nightmare that when she wake up, everything will be fine again. She sees Ken in her dreams smiling at her and kissing her forehead like what he always does. Months had passed and it turned into year. Mich was slowly recovering trying hard to continue life. She makes her life very busy to forget the pain. Two years had passed and her life seems good, having new friends and putting a bright smile in her face but when July 4 and 5 comes, she lose herself a little. That dates are Ken’s death anniversary and birthday. She knew inside of her she was the one to be blame and was responsible for the death of one of the most important person in her life. The very sad thing is “she was the one who broke the promise---the promise that she thought would last forever”.

Wishing On the Star

Tonight I’ve fallen and I can’t get up
I need your loving hand to come and pick me up
And every night I miss you I can just look up
I know the stars are
Holding you
Holding you
Holding you

“I always sing this song since the day you’ve left me. Every time I’m in pain, for I can’t help my tears from falling. Will you hate me of missing you? Will you slap me out of my dream every time I remember your angelic face and your bright smile? I know this is wrong, but I can’t still move on”, Mich murmured to herself.
Three years had already passed but I can still recall every single detail that happened that day. You are gone like a wind and I can’t feel anything, “Ughh” I forgot you take my heart with you. No matter how hard I try to forget the pain inside, the pain is unbearable, losing you was like a fathomless agony to me----it was endless.

Right now, I’m in college I’m taking the course that you want. I know you want to be like your dad. Somehow, I can be happy for I am fulfilling your long lost dream. Suddenly, as time pass by, I’ve met knew people. I’ve shared our stories to them. Step by step I open up to them. Step by step I’m moving on. I have now, this so called “friends and barkadas” they make laugh and help me to cope up. I can say my wounds are slightly healed by them.

It’s her hair and her eyes today
That just simply takes me away
And the feeling that falling further in love
Makes me shiver but in a good way…

I suddenly stop as I hear this man singing this song. This is the song that you sang to me, before you left me all alone. It really sounds like you or shall I say it is you? I was confused I want to see the man’s face; I want to know if I was day dreaming or what. So, I followed the voice until…

And I love her with all that I am
With the voices along with my head
And it’s all I can be
And it’s all that I need
And I’m out of my league once again

The audiences stand and give him a round of applause. When I was about to see his face he suddenly turned around and go back stage. I try to follow him but I can’t even trace his shadow. I was left there, in an empty theatre, confused. This question running in my mind, “who was that guy?”
After a week, I’ve heard of him singing again in an empty classroom. This time he sings my favorite song and the exact version that only Ken knows. My heart beats faster as I walk inside the room. This time, I will see the man behind the voice of Ken. I grab his shoulder to be able to face me. And then.., tears fall down my face. Am I dreaming? Is this a joke? I hug him so tightly but suddenly a sarcastic voice interrupts. “Are you okay Miss?” I wipe my tears and face him. When I was supposed to say something, I realized that it was not him. It was not Ken. But, they look quite the same except for the hair. I felt sorry for what I’ve done, it’s embarrassing. I just said sorry and get out of the room as quickly as I can.
At night, I was crying so hard, I can’t stop it. It is maybe because my hope of seeing him again vanished. I hope that it was him even though it’s impossible. How could be that’s him? In my window, I stared on the stars and wish, “I hope the guy that I saw earlier was him”.
It’s really hard to lose someone you really love and someone you can’t live without. It’s really hard to let go, because letting go of someone is like pouring a glass of water into the ocean, no matter how hard you try to get it back, the glass of water can never be back.

Once Again

“I wonder what tickles me inside, I wonder what makes me blush and I wonder what makes me laugh…, oh! Right, it’s your sweet smile”
After the incidence in the room, I can’t keep my head high for I was afraid if he would see me. I was really embarrassed; I can’t accept the fact that I actually hug him and worse his always running a thousand of miles inside my head.
After two weeks, there’s no sign of him. I was so glad for I know he doesn’t care about what happened. I was so happy but not for long. One early evening, while walking in the dark hallway, someone suddenly grab me, and cuff my mouth with the other hand. I was so shocked, what is this? A kidnapper? A prank? I try to get off him but before I am able to do that he released me. I faced him quickly, I wanted to shout at him but I can’t because it’s the guy that I thought it was Ken, and I can’t get angry for what he did…, because he is smiling.
“What the heck is wrong with you? Who said you can just grab me like that?” I utter in an angry voice. He replied, “And who said you can hug me so tight and cry on my shoulders without any permission?” I was speechless for a minute and I answered “But I already said sorry!” Suddenly, there’s a man who pass us, and he quickly grab me inside the dark room. “What are you doing? Let me go! I can sue you if I want!” I shouted. “Shhh…be quiet, you can sue me anytime you want but for now I just need you to be quiet, and in fact I may think to forgive you for what you have done.” “So, I am doing this so that you can forgive me? Are you out of your mind?” I said. He did not answer, instead he walks closer to the door like a spy, watching if someone will come or not.
I can’t stand this anymore. I walk closer to the door to get myself out. He tries to stop me but I get my way. When I tried to open the door, the knob won’t move. I tried again but I can’t make it open. What now? I’m locked up with this irritating, annoying, feeler guy? “What’s wrong?” he said. “You are free to go out now, wait unless; you’re making an excuse just to be with me”. I was surprised, and I was showing him my snake eyes, an expression that I’m very pissed off already. “What? To be with you? Are you day dreaming? Right this moment, I would like to go out, eat my dinner, sleep and when I wake up, all of this was just a nightmare, but I can’t! Can’t you see that’s what I’m trying to do but I think we’re lock up inside and it is your fault!” I shouted.
He walks closer to the door and tries to wiggle the door knob. “Your right, we’re lock up”. “So what now?” I ask sarcastically. “I guess you have to spend a night with this irritating, annoying and feeler guy”, he answered with a slight smile. “No way! With you?” I grab my phone inside my bag and try to call somebody but there’s no signal inside the room. I shouted at the door hoping that somebody would hear me but there is no sign of anything. “Can you stop? You’re just making yourself tired. Sit here or sleep”. He said. “At least I’m doing something so we can go out, unlike the other person there”, I replied. When I tried to sit down my stomach suddenly grumble. Oh, my! It is already past ten in the evening and I haven’t eaten anything yet. He suddenly opens his bag and his grabbing something. “Here, eat this, I think it’s enough to cure your hunger.” I did not get it until he landed the food on the floor. “How--- how---how about you?” I asked. “I’m fine, I’m still full and besides I was the one who drag you in this situation, so you’re my responsibility now.” I was calm for a second for what he said. I divide the food equally to two. I give him the other half. He smiles, as he grabbed the food. “Hey, I just give you the other half because I don’t want you to think that I’m dependent on you”. I defended.
While were eating, he suddenly asks, “Why did you hug me the first time you saw me? Why are you crying?” “Ughhm, it’s none of your business.” I replied. “Of course, it is my business, because of what you did, I was so confused that I always think of you”, he replied. I was frozen for a moment; I thought I was the only one thinking about what happened. It was also a big deal for him. “Well, I thought you of someone else, I’m sorry”, I answered in a gentle voice. “If you thought of me as someone else, why are crying then?” he asked. “It’s because…,” I suddenly pause. “He’s someone special to you right?” he asked and I nodded. “Is he far away? Do you miss him so much that you’ve mistaken me as him?” he asked again. I bow my head down so that he won’t see my sad face. “Yes, he was so far away”, I replied. “Distance is not a hindrance you know, with the greatest technology now, you can communicate with each other, even if his in the other world”, he giggled. “I hope that’s the case, but…,” I stop, I can’t spell it out. “But what?” he asked. Tears came running down my face, I was wiping it while I answer “he’s not here anymore, he passed away”. Silence suddenly fills the air. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry”, he said. “It’s okay; it was my fault for making you so curious about it.” I replied. “Is it okay if you tell me about what happened, I mean since we already brought that up”. He asked.
I can’t decide if I would tell him about him. I don’t know him yet. “Well, you and he have quite the same physical appearance and you have the same voice.” I stated. “So that’s why you hug me and you’re crying”. He replied. “Yes, and you were singing my favorite song, which only Ken knows, how did you know that song? Because of that I really thought it was him”, I added. “What song? The one that I sang in the auditorium?” he asked. I nodded. “Well, I don’t know, I just hear it from my best friend, and it does sound good so I decided to sing it”. He replied. “Your best friend?” I asked curiously. “His name is Klein.” He answered. “Ah, okay.” I have a thought that maybe Ken was not the only one who knows that kind of version. I look at my watch and it is 4:00 in the morning already. “One hour to go and we could go out”. I whisper. “Well, you can sleep for about an hour; I will wake you up if the door is open already”.
After a while, “hey, we can go out already”. He whispered. I suddenly, jumped out because I know that my brother is worried about me. “Bye, I gotta go, see you next time around”, as I’m walking my way out. “Wait, I don’t even know your name”, he said. “You will know once we meet again”. I replied and give him a smile.


Friendship, Mistakes, Promise

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
20th Oct 2012 (#)

Sometimes childish behaviour of how to react causes heartache and pain for a lifetime that never quite gets set right.
Its because they remember the way they used to be but cannot replicate that feeling ever again because that physical body is missing.
Know what it feels like, been there.

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author avatar Mekko Jean Bacorro
25th Jan 2013 (#)

yeah its true...the pain for a life time really hurts

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
25th Apr 2013 (#)

Came to read it the second time and sometimes a familiar tune can take you back to the days leaving you locked in a memory that you never wake from, to the extent that you fantisize on the person who brought the memory back. Its a common scenario but the idea is to snap out of it and see reality for the fact that there is rather than the illusion created.

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