Prophet Mohammad. (Peace be Upon Him): The Final Messenger

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Even after the foregoing elucidation on the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) being the final messenger, if anyone raises a query as to why Allah has terminated the chain of Prophet hood, he is to be answered only by the response that Allah is the most Know er and farsighted and that was the prerogative of Allah.

Prophet Mohammad. (Peace be Upon Him): The Final Messenger

Almighty Allah sent his messengers in each era at various localities in order to guide the people at large and eventually having sent very revered Apostle; Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him), in the capacity of the final messenger for the entire generations of the people till the dooms day, the sequence of Prophet hood has been ceased.

Now, if anyone raises a query as to why the chain of Prophet hood has been ceased by Allah, such a query is, in reality, tantamount to a challenge to Allah. It is because that he is the 'all-knowing God Almighty' and as such none is entitled to raise even an atom's degree of query against his supreme discretion.

However, each of the decisions of God Almighty is prudent, logical, intellectual and well-planned, and as such none of the discretion of God Almighty is sans an oblique wisdom therein. Therefore, the discretion of Allah to cease the chain of Prophet hood is also not void of the prudence and logic therein at all. At a time when the human civilization used to be at its underdeveloped stage, an individual Prophet used to be sent for each community in the world who used to impart guidance confined to the concerned community only. At that time the geographical as well as cultural circumstances itself were as such in the world that it was not logically compatible enough to send a single messenger and a single scripture of code of life for all of the communities globally.

Gradually as a consequence of the incessant and solemn endeavors of the revered Apostles of God Almighty in various areas of the world, the decent code of life as well as human culture did flourish and consequently, they did get inclined, more or less, towards Almighty Allah as well as the doctrines of the Hereafter, discipline and moral conduct in their lives. Such revolution in the nature and behavior of the mankind culminated in opening the gates of progress. The mankind attained its mature stage from its erstwhile immaturity.

The inter- cast union among the people did emerge, geopolitical cultural form emerged, business also developed historically high leading to the mutual multiple communities interactions in the society, marathon route journeys by sea and road developed, literacy and writing also developed perennially, inter-communities exchange of ideologies and knowledge also developed among the people as a result of development in the skill of art and education, super winners also emerged and they established their ruling, in nutshell, the ancient rift and separations among the people at large started disappearing and consequently, such sort of geographical and cultural circumstances and time got matured that it was then very compatible to descend internationally uniform Sharia ( Code of Religion) as well as the ultimate Prophet for whole of the communities of the people in the world.

Even to the extent that circumstantial situations itself, at that time, warranted to cease the pattern of sending individual Prophet for the individual community as it was not feasible and suitable at all, given the human mood, to descend the personal Prophet for each community as the cultural status did develop very perfectly to a global level. The most clement creator of the universe always entertained the human nature very affectionately and lovingly.

The Merciful Know er and Lord of the Lords never went against the inherent tendency and expectations of the human being at all. This fact is proved by the phenomenon that when the mankind at large turned out to be completely prepared to absorb the universal and permanent Sharia (Code of Life), Allah caused the sacred birth of Revered Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) on the Arab land in the capacity of the final messenger of God Almighty. At the attainment of 40 years of age, the great and grand title of Prophet hood was conferred upon him by Allah. With the inception of responsibility, such a community was assigned to him whose edification was possible only by him and none else because he had been bestowed with an infinite treasure of moral dynamism by Allah.

Even the land also was such that it did not spring forth even a blade of grass. Verily, the character of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was so much highly noble and ideal that had he not been borne, history must note it, none has been borne till date who can attain his (Mohammad’s, Peace be upon Him) level of nobility and ideality in his character. Anyone who pursues the autobiography of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) cannot help but accept him as a messenger of God Almighty without fail.

Almighty Allah has finished the sequence of sending the Prophets upon Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). Of course, the position and status of Prophet hood is quite delicate and significant. The Prophets don't get borne everyday. So long as the teaching and life code of one Prophet exist, it is as if the concerned Prophet himself exists. The teachings and the autobiographies of the previous Prophets do not exist in perfect and secure form today. Even the scriptures descended on them then have been enormously manipulated and corrupted today.

But since the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has been sent as the ultimate Prophet of the world at large till the dooms day, the teachings of him, his autobiography, his previous circumstances as well as the scripture descended on him (The Sacred Qur’an) have been perfectly secured by Allah even till day. Today approximately 1400 years have elapsed of the sad demise of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) yet the noble life of him is as much crystal clear in the mirror of history as if he bid farewell to the world just yesterday! No any great dignitary's life in whole of the world is and can be so much secured and insulated as is that of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). Since no any subsequent Prophet is to come now from the part of God Almighty, it is logically and rationally imperative enough that the life, message and teaching of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) be safe, secured and invulnerable to corruption in the world now.

Hence, now if anyone wishes to be really obedient to the commandments of God Almighty, given the foregoing circumstances, it is mandatory on his part to follow the foot traits of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). Therefore, if anyone follows the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) in the world, it is as if he/she has been following all of the Prophets sent in the world.

Almighty Allah used to send the subsequent Prophets in the world in the cases where the teaching and the messages of the preceding Prophet got distorted or it required the modifications therein or the previous teaching had been meant merely for a particular community only or the preceding Prophet needed the assistant very terribly. Due to the foregoing reasons, the Prophets used to be sent steadily one by one; but now since the teaching and life of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) is perfectly secured, exhaustive as well as meant for the entire communities of the universe till dooms day, even logically and reasonably no new messenger is required at all.


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