Prophet and the Divine Revelation

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It is as if whole the universe comprising the celestial objects has been subjected to the service to the mankind to nurture his life. Apart from the material objects, the treasure of intelligence and fitness as well has been bestowed to the people by the highest merciful God.

Prophet and the Divine Revelation

Since the mankind is a social and intelligent animal in the society his life is absolutely surrounded by the floods of the necessities that are dependent on two major categories of the requirements in the world. (1) The Material Necessities (Carnal or Related to the Body) and (2) Real Necessities (Related to the Soul).

According to religion of Islam, no sooner does a person die than the gates of the material necessities stand ceased but the most fundamental and real (Soul Related) material necessities of the mankind are such that have direct and especial relation only with the Post-Death life of the people. To quench the material necessities of the people at large the God Almighty has provided with all sorts of the objects, intelligence and fitness to the people in the world in plenty. In fine, to sustain the human existence on the earth God Almighty has provided with the air, the water, the light, the land, the grain, the vegetation and all the organs of the body to the people.

It is as if whole the universe comprising the celestial objects has been subjected to the service to the mankind to nurture his life. Apart from the material objects, the treasure of intelligence and fitness as well has been bestowed to the people by the highest merciful God. The material necessities of the people at large are being gratified in coherence and co-operation by multiple faculties of the persons like the labour, the doctor, the lawyer, the farmer, the engineer, the teacher, the scientist etc. But in fact, mankind is an intelligent creature and his being so is not an accident at all, instead it is an irrefutable argument of his being accountable and responsible to the Donor of this intelligence and, therefore, the real necessities of the mankind pertain to his soul after death.

By nature, mankind has been in search of the facts and realities of his life. So, there must exist a medium or an individual to answer and intimate him of certain questions in this world as to ‘whom is he for?’, ‘where has he come from?’, ‘where is he destined to eventually?’, ‘what is the aim of his life?’ and ‘who has bestowed these physical resources and why?’. Now, the human ideology and assumptions can never answer these questions unanimously and truly at all. The Noble Award winner Dr. Alexis Carrel writes “since the doctrines of economics and sociology are based merely on imaginations and assumptions, they cannot be proved true” (Man, The Unknown, Page 37)

Now, our rational conscious can never concede that the God Almighty may not have established any mechanism or medium to gratify the real and significant necessities of the people in the world whereas the most merciful God has established the complete system to quench the physical necessities of the people at large. Is it anyway possible? The clement God Almighty has not left the mankind resigned to his own multiple assuming dispositions to find the realities and facts of his life. Suppose it were left to his own disposition to find the facts of life, it must have become terribly confounding to single out the true path of life! But it is not left to his disposition at all because the God Almighty is the most merciful and benevolent to His generation.

As the God has and had created the experts in the diverse faculties of the materialism, He did create such personalities also from among His generation itself in various areas and eras who did have the inborn potentiality to recognize the true God Almighty. The God Himself descended the knowledge in regard to the facts of life to them through the Divine Revelations and made it obligatory on them to disseminate the same facts of life reveled to them to people at large in order to salvage the people from the confusion and chaos.

Verily, these are the great personalities who are known and called 'Messengers', ‘Apostles’, ‘Prophets’ and the same Apostles or Messengers did exert their capacities to persuade the people pertaining to the aim of life in many an eras, communities, and provinces throughout their lives spans in the past. Hence, as a consequence of their relentless endeavors, the doctrines and facts in regard to the existence of the God Almighty as well as the hereafter circulated among the people of all communities.

In the bygone eras, people behaved with the Apostles very strangely and grossly as some of them believed their versions, while the others dismissed it, even to the extent that some of them did harass them. Moreover, subsequent to their death some of the followers of the Apostles did corrupt and manipulate their basic teachings also with the selfish motives and merged their self-generated views in the celestial scriptures reveled unto them. Even some did resort to worshiping the Prophet himself; some did declare the Apostles as being the God Himself while some regarded the Prophet be the son of God. The principles of teaching left by them were also distorted and associated with the folktales with it, yet as a result of the Apostles’ efforts the generations of the people did stand adequately acquainted with the concepts of Allah and the Hereafter.

As an exceptional personality, the life of the Prophet is such an ideal, eloquent and decent that we cannot even imagine of any other life style more ideal than that of the Apostle. They do possess an extraordinary farsightedness as well as qualities. Furthermore, going by their quality, their vision is so much micro and minute, to envisage, that others' vision cannot reach that level of horizon even after hundreds of years of contemplations. None but all the versions of the Prophet are quite intellectual and prudent. It is impossible to detect even a single contradictory incident between their version and behavour.

They are the great well wishers of the human being at large. One cannot locate a single deficiency at all in their life fashion even upon the minute search for it. In fine and substance, their life style is complete, perfect and impeccable in its kind.

The radical difference between one being a Prophet and Non-Prophet is the Divide Revelation.(Wahee). Divine Revelation is the direct, definite and immaculate medium of approach by the Prophet with Allah. Divine Revelation is the Godly menifestation. Human being is associated with the materialism and physical objects while God Almighty is absolutely immune of even such glimpse of materialism and, therefore, the Divine Revelation of God Almighty is descended through the medium of sacred angles (Farista, a sort of creature being perfectly obedient to God). The sacred message of Allah through ‘Wahee’ (Divine Revelation) can never be accessed to by anyone except by the Prophet himself. A Non-Prophet individual, howsoever great and superlative he may be, can never attain the status and position of the Prophet at all in the world nor can invite the people at large to observe the doctrines of the life established by himself at all.

It is because that even for a Non-Prophet individual it is a must on his part to follow the foot steps of the Prophet himself. Thus, the great dignitaries have been divided into two parts; (1) Prophet (2) Non-Prophet. Therefore, one ought to grasp the difference between the status and rank of these two dignitaries. ‘Wahee’ (Divine Descending of the message of Allah onto the human being through the medium of holy angle) is especially associated only with the Prophet of Allah and none else.

The knowledge reveled onto the human being through the Divine Revelation is cent percent insulated of any doubt and as such it is perfect, complete and impeccable in its nature. Even for a Non-Prophet personality the compliance with the life pattern of the Prophet is a must and only by such compliance with the Prophet can attain the pleasure of and intimacy with Allah. Of course, each one can access to the quality of greatness and sacredness of the religion but none is fit at all to procure the position and distinction of the Prophet.

By and large, people at large are either unknown or unconscious of this basic difference as stated ahead. We do have the noble illustrations of the eloquent lives of the great personalities like Revered Hajrat Abu Bakar and Revered Hajrat Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) and that of the others as well who did live surrendering their great personalities to the life fashion of the Prophet himself and they did find their triumph therein itself.


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