Pros and Cons of Social Networking

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All of us hear about the social networking hype that is created and how people are attracted from all over the world.

Social Networking

Some due to games and others want to mend their old relations and some others have other motive like for fun and get to know new people. A blended mixyture of Different life-styles, different opinions, different way of perceiving things and different culture is nothing but a social networking site.

Are we addicted to social networking sites by any chance?

Yes but addiction would seem ridiculous when it is only for time-pass and fun many like to join these sites. "How often have we pondered over or wondered looking at kids and teens or even elderly people locked up for hours together in front of their machines with any of these social sites given attention to? "Don't we think that we are giving too much importance than the sites require"?

Pros and Cons

There are both pros and cons for using the social networking sites. Some of them i have jotted down below just to brief anyone who are not aware of :

Consider the sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn. They are for professional purpose and help to enhance business levels for both the employers and the job seekers for higher prospects and profits. This increases and lays a foundation for the learning curve. On the other phase, facebook, orkut and MySpace and many others have created a niche for people of all classes and ages to share their interests if any and passion towards the same curve.

Secondly, a phase of secure profile no longer exists and we have heard many incidents wherein the profile of friends or relatives get hacked and they file cyber crime case. I came across some incident wherein the girl had punched in her password while sitting beside her friend or he was too close to trick her and get the required. What else is new!!! Her facebook account was hacked and he misutilized her profile. So, I think this is happening all around because of the little knowledge people have about the settings and the wall posts and photos and so on. In brief, the con is revealing privacy is social networking sites main flaw.

I read about a survey conducted in 2008 that 43 % of the sexual solicitors belong to age group under 18 years and 30 % of them between 18 and 21 years.Many teenagers are not aware of the consequences of revealing personal information by over sharing and even many of the employers find candidates profiles and it is embarrassing for the other due to some of the insane photos and comments that are posted.
59 % of the students when asked about these social networking communication talk about exchanging knowledge, conducting discussions on educational topics, be it about the colleges or any other assignments they need to discuss about. But the same survey also gave statistics of about 17 % being prone to cyberbullying. On the whole,anything when used under limit, the ball will be in our court. Once we cross our limits, we loose our esteem, self respect only leading to degrade ourselves.


Sound judgement is another vital concern which must be kept in mind while socializing. The topic has been a debatable one from long time and never has it been the end of discussion since there are too many pros and there are too many cons.

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