Prostitutes are Mother too....

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Its more about a child's curiosity and Motherhood ...Face the Truth

Face the truth

The moment he opened his eyes to the nasty world
The world- depraved and disguised- which was hidden from his tender innocence,
As usual: he saw his mother, waking him-trying to introduce the Brighter world.
This time she wake his intellect-he noticed
her wet pubic hair- black and clumsy- gave him a thought- why don’t I have them?
her whole body, naked & wet, was shinning as nothing he had ever seen.

He threw the blanket, unknowingly, as days passes into nights-with regularity,
Crossed his legs round her 25” wet waist
And embraced her as if they met after a long dry winter
She embraced him
And purely kissed him like winds try to bring life to still leaves.
Her long wet hair of head- engulfed the little one like shadows of truth- you can’t defy them.
Fatima could feel the purity of innocence of the warmth of her 8 year old.

But Iqbal’s altruism & love couldn’t stop the tears
that welled up in Fatima’s eyes.
The harsh painful time she had last night,
Those moments of abusive emotionless intercourse & spanking
disfigured the purity of the moment.
His delicate embrace had memoirs
of last night’s brutal acts,
her aching vagina, scratched butts & bitten nipples.
She had a flashback of those lusty eyes
reading all over her territory, pins being pierced
and that dim red light- which signified her business;
still she managed to hold Iqbal with affection
as she couldn’t afford to loose this divine touch of her son.

Iqbal got down, she kissed him, again & again
Like clouds kiss the droplets-just before Raining
as if destiny is against them
He kissed her belly, her abdomen as well,
As his fingers touched her breasts
To his astonishment, the little one asked
“why a Band-aid? ”
Ignoring the pain & remorse, she kissed him & said
“every lady have to do this for a short time”
Boy made another question-“ I don’t have hairs down there, why do you have them ?”
Bewildered mother replied” men don’t have it, do you want them ?”
“no they seems too shabby, I wish never to have them, else I need to comb at 2 places- I don’t like to comb”
Fatima realized, his son is growing with his mental faculties
But is too small to be aroused.
She liked to remain nude in front of her son
As he was the only individual in this world
Who never looked her body with animal instincts-
who cares for her, who, apparently, never saw her as an object of pleasure.
He was the only one who loved her.
She felt comforted being naked with her son.

She dressed her son to school,
And now it was her chance to sleep.

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author avatar Mukul kumar bansal
26th Sep 2011 (#)

filled wid keen observations.....i mean it is gud really.........

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author avatar Shivam_
13th Aug 2013 (#)

thanks sir...kafi waqt guzr gya, aapse baat nahi hui

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