Protect all Bees

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We need to protect the bee, without the bee we are no longer here. We are gone. Everything will be gone.

Protect all Bees

Many people do not realize just how important the bee is to our survival. Without the bee everything will collapse. It takes the bees to pollinate the flowers and crops in order to feed the world. Without the bees there are no crops to make the foods we enjoy eating. The gardens and flowers will be gone. The crops in all the fields will be gone and once that happens it will be like a snowball and keep bringing everything else down including people. We talk and are so concerned about guns, drugs, environmental problems that we forget that one of the smallest creations that God made is where we need to focus our attention.

I watched a movie years ago about these aliens who came to earth and all the military was brought out to attempt to defeat the aliens. They threw bombs at the aliens, shot at them.. The military did all they could to defeat the aliens, but in the end it was the smallest creation by God that finally caused the aliens to be defeated. All of the germs that we have become use to were killing the aliens. We focus so much on the big things in life that we forget that many of the smaller creations can help us out better if we just learn to focus on them more.

Our attitude about bees needs to change because that is where the problem starts. People see a bee and the first thing they think they should do is kill the bee. The bee is not going to hurt you or sting you if you just stay still. The bee is only curious and after buzzing around for a little while will go on its way. It is when you start swatting at the bee that will make it angry.

Recently on a Sunday morning I listened to a television minister who told a story about a bee that entered into the picnic area where his family was at. His children and wife became scared and he swatted the bee away. The bee kept coming back and the minister was angry at the bee for bothering them and finally stomped the bee down into the ground. The bee was very strong and came back again and the minister decided not to kill the bee.

It seems to me that a minister should set an example of loving all of God's creatures including the bee. By finally deciding not to kill the bee the minister was finally showing compassion for the bee. Without the crops or flowers for the bee to pollinate they will start to go for sugary drinks and anything else they think they can pollinate. So my advice to everyone is to read about the bee, find out what you can do to help save the bee and take the bee keeper training, so we can save our world.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
20th Nov 2013 (#)

People need to look for organic food, and avoid GMO crops as they have been linked to causing problems for bees. Never use chemicals in your yard either.

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author avatar Ellen
20th Nov 2013 (#)

you are absolutely right. GMO is terrible for people and animals and I wish there was some way to get rid of it completely. For Thanksgiving we are getting an organic locally grown turkey, it is the last thing we need to get to finish up our turkey meal.

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