Public School Environment Hindered My Academic Development

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This is my experience in transitioning from a public school environment to a private school that allowed independent study. It also covers changes that I was able to implement on my own in order to become a successful college student.

There Is Hope!

I am currently in college and I have just finished up an Associates degree for Microsoft Desktop Support. It's a small degree but it was mainly just a stepping stone for my future as it's a transferable degree to a University and also some credits will count towards my Bachelors. I ultimately want to program and code at a software company. I am on the downward slope to 30 (26) but that doesn't deter me from reaching for my goals. My current boss was 31 when he went back to school for a Bachelors in Computer Science and he now has his own small software company and was able to retire from his 9 - 5, willingly at 55. If anything being older has made me even more so disciplined with my academic responsibilities.

What Was Wrong Became Right.

When I was in grade school I was a naturally disciplined child and rarely got into trouble, along with that I made mostly A's and some B's. When I got to middle school and high school I lost sight of what I wanted out of an education and I was more focused on relationships and going out. I lost the drive to continue with band and sports and just eventually quit the extracurricular activities. When I was in my 11th grade year I was put into a private school where I could do independent study because my GPA was still high enough that I was trusted to complete the work honestly, on time, and on my own. I whizzed right through an entire year and a half of work in 3 short months.

When I was without the distractions of everyday school life I was able to accomplish and comprehend so much more in school. I still went out and had boyfriends and what not but I was able to have fun and still be successful. I think more parents should be trusting of their children and perhaps consider online learning from home. Another part of it was that I had always been far more mature than most of my peers in school and I just couldn't deal with the lack of attention teachers had because they were too busy disciplining the other students. This was back in the early 2000's, so I can only imagine how much more difficult is for children these days.

The three short months that I spent learning on my own really did prepare me for college, more so than my previous 11 years in school. I easily taught myself how to take notes, study, and memorize important information. Education is a joke these days because you can't take the same teaching formula and apply it to every child and expect it to work for all of them. I ended up graduating number 3 in my high school class and now moving from a 2 year college to a 4 year college I hold a solid 4.0. I am able to even teach others how to implement the small things that I do in order to be successful because the changes are just that easy.

Nothing To It You Can Do It!

My advice for those who are starting college or even already in college is to try not to let the stress get to you. When I was able to get rid of the stress and drama of the things around me, things became much clearer. I also try to converse with others, about certain subjects that we have a mutual interest in so the subject is associated with a leisurely activity. I know this next tip is overkill but it is wise to take notes and to highlight those notes. Another thing that saved me was being organized, not only physically but mentally. When I write things down in a calendar / organizer as well as keeping subjects separted and put into folders I feel less overwhelmed by it all. When things are organized you can take things one step at a time as opposed to one gigantic subject at once.

I used to think that people who said similar things as I do now, were just complete nerds and they were just too consumed with school. But it believe it or not, this is coming from someone who just almost gave up on education completely. Now I am proud of myself, that's another thing... be proud of yourself. There is no shame in gloating a little, you worked hard and you should feel that pride because you deserve it, no one else did that for you. I think it comes down to relaxing, organizing, and being proud of your work, it can really make a difference.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Feb 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing tips that helped you to achieve, Jessica. Discipline and organized ways always help. And to have set goals and pursuing them relentlessly - siva

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