Puppetmaster: Why Did I Ever Marry You?

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Vanaya McLoughin is tired of her ex-husband’s, Tarrance, drama woe-is-me-pity parties and blaming her for everything that has gone wrong in his life. She decides to put an end to it!


Vanaya McLoughin is tired of her ex-husband’s, Tarrance, drama woe-is-me-pity parties and blaming her for everything that has gone wrong in his life. She decides to put an end to it! She packs a few belongings for her and her 3-year-old daughter, Eryn (who’s daddy happens to be Tarrance) and hightails out of the country, bound for Australia. Once there, all goes well when she meets a wonderful guy named Matthew Morrow, and after a short courtship, Vanaya has agreed to marry Matthew. But unbeknownst to Vanaya, Tarrance and his mother, Madeline, along with Tarrance’s new wife, Kassie, have been searching for Vanaya and Eryn. Will Vanaya make it down the aisle to marry Matthew, or will Tarrance destroy Vanaya’s hopes of a happy life?

Chapter 1

“Don’ worry mother.” Tarrance told his mother, Madeline. “We’ll find Vanaya and bring Eryn home to us.”

“You better! And Kassie better make good on her promise and have that bitch committed!” Madeline threatened.

“Yes mother.” Tarrance said.

Tarrance was stressed. He was pressured into finding Vanaya and have her committed. Why didn’t he do it when he was married to her. Now it’s up to Kassie, his new wife to do what he was supposed to do. And all because mother wanted Vanaya committed so badly, ever since he first married Vanaya!

Vanaya wasn’t as crazy as he let on, but mother wouldn’t hear of it. She hated Vanaya and she hated the fact that she was Eryn’s mother! Mother has caused problems ever since Vanaya became pregnant—bringing up her mother’s smoking and the ill-effects of second-hand smoke. And when it got worse when Vanaya’s sister, Kristy, announced she was gay. Madeline was hard-pressed to have her granddaughter grow up around gays and lesbians. That was why Madeline wanted Eryn out of Vanaya’s life it was my job to have her committed so she’d be out of Eryn’s life and have no say in how Eryn was raised.

Now, it was up to Kassie to get the proof that Vanaya was insane and have her committed! Tarrance hated bringing Kassie into this mess. If she didn’t do what mother wanted, who knows what would happen to his marriage, or Vanaya!

“Tarrance, I got the files. I can proof Vanaya was once committed. She’s going to be locked up in the crazy house!” Kassie said, giving Tarrance a kiss.

“Thanks to Kassie, he have Eryn in his home, but Vanaya was going to be locked up forever.” Tarrance thought to himself. “You got what you wanted, Mother. I hope it makes you happy.”

Now all they had to do was find Vanaya and Eryn…she has taken off for parts unknown and no one knows where….

Chapter 2

Vanaya and Eryn arrived in Sydney, Australia under an alias. Vanaya couldn’t afford to have Tarrance find her or their daughter. Her good friend, Matthew Morrow, got her the ticket and the alias so she get to Sydney, Australia , where they could meet after dating online for a year.

Vanaya waited at the spot where Matthew said to meet him, but she didn’t see him.

Instead, she was brought in for questioning by immigration. That’s when Tarrance and Kassie were sitting in the immigration office waiting for officials to bring Vanaya in.

“Well, well, well.” Kassie smirked gleefully. “Bitch! You thought you could flee to Australia under an assumed named!”

“How did you find me?”

“I’m big and bad, bitch! I have friends!” Kassie said proudly.

“I can’t believe you did this Tarrance!” Vanaya screamed at him, giving immigration officials proof of Vanaya’s “Insanity.”

“You see what I have had to go through being married to her?” Tarrance said to the officials.

“Well, she does seem to be insane.” One immigration said to the other.

“Take her away.” The other official said, as Vanaya was hauled away in handcuffs.

Eryn cried for her mother as Kassie reached out to hug the 3-year-old.

Chapter 3

Just when they thought everything was going according to plan and were about to board the plane back to the States, Kassie and Tarrance are brought to the Sydney International Airport by airport officials where they are confronted by an unknown man.

“I understand you are taking this 3-year-old girl out of this country?” the unknown man asked them.

“Well, her mother can’t do it since she’s been locked up.” Kassie told the unknown man.

“Well, let me introduce myself to you. I’m Matthew Morrow. Vanaya’s husband.”
Matthew said as she showed Tarrance and Kassie proof of his credentials and the marriage license.

“Vanaya is remarried?” Tarrance asked surprised.”

“Not only that, but she and Eryn are now citizens of Sydney.” Matthew smiled, knowing he just thwarted Tarrance and Kassie’s plan to take Eryn back to the States.

“But, that can’t be?” Kassie said. “Vanaya never lt on she had remarried?”

“And who said I had to tell you two anything?” Vanaya said as she came out from hiding in the next room.

“You bitch! You tricked us!”

“Sorry, but I did nothing wrong!”

“You’re going to pay for this! Eryn will be back in the States soon! So don’t get too comfortable, bitch!”

With Eryn back in Vanaya’s arms, Matthew, Vanaya and Eryn watched airport officials escort Kassie and Tarrance back to their flight.

“How can I ever repay you, Matthew?” Vanaya asked him.

“Marry me. For real.”

“Agreed.” Vanaya told him by sealing it with a kiss.

Back on the plane, Tarrance called his mother to give him the news.

“You stupid fool! You had that bitch locked up! You failed miserably!” Madeline screamed through the phone.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
3rd Aug 2018 (#)

Happens when people think they can take the law in their own hands and proof lies in the fact that some satanist learned the trigger points just to pin hopes in being the next wife to cover up a shoddy affair that they have been having all the way to the extent the real wife was made a divorcee for the safe of the money and sex and an unknown friend assisted the wife who never deterred but proved the whole lot singlehandedly and sent all of them to prison for an endless list of crime. They apparently forgot the wife was a very pretty and talented personality who never showed the act created a sequence the pinpointed the criminal antics created in hope to kidnap the child. Sadly now they are in police custody and the child and away from the melodrama of the insane concubine's life.
Very similar to my own life story. They broke my 16 and half year marriage for their sex game as they believe marriages were all about sex, wine and crime to bring vindictive pleasure to themselves.
Well Fact remains I learned the truth and I never betrayed my friend and never will. He gave me everything back including staying silent and waiting just for me to make up my mind as I have been singed enough by the happenings. None the less, the husband is with his concubine and my friend is still just a platonic friend and we both know we are accepted in each others families as there was always method in my madness which no one knew but ME.
Take Care Tootsie Harvey!!!!
BTW that is my legally endorsed name and I am a legit artist in writing, music, dance and screen acting etc.

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