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“Lagarth hires Meks to unravel the mystery of BENNIE’s (Meks’ lover) death. Meks who is a fiction writer accepts the challenge which will either destroy his budding career or crest his name in the writers’ hall of fame.”


‘Put the gun down!’ The policeman yelled at the robber at the other side of the departmental store counter, his revolver uncocked. The defiant robber glanced at the sides of the store, his aim fully covering the officer and others sprawled on the floor.
“We have the building surrounded. Surrender now!”
The bandit counted to three in his head, allowing just enough time for his gang member to burst in through the Aluminium blinds and distract the cop. In one split second, the first robber grabbed a female customer and pointed his gun on her head.
‘Any f**king move and I’ll dye her head red! Now you drop your weapon!’
Bennie Abaka was sprawled on her bed displaying her sensuously curved buttocks; the sheets in her tight grip as the sounds of the ensuing shoot-out in the movie filled her hostel room in King Jaja Hall, block C in Delta Park, University of Port Harcourt.
‘Bennie, please can you reduce the volume of the TV?’
‘The remote control is beside you.’
‘The last time I checked, it was a DIY device.’ Sandra Dike said, handing over the remote.
Bennie pressed the mute button and turned on the subtitles option on the control.
‘You are missing a lot’.
‘I envy you; we have a field trip in two day’s time and so cannot afford your luxury.’ The geology student remonstrated.
Bennie was too exhilarated by the sight of the abducted female customer in the movie teaching the bandits some self-defense lessons to reply her roommate.
‘Do you think this grey top goes with this jean?’Sandra was rummaging her leather box filled with feminine ensembles.
‘Oh my God! The very best time for this! I will do you back oh!’
‘I’ll wear it with the high heels. I’m so excited! Meks is coming to inspect my pebbles!’
The mention of her boyfriend made Bennie pause the thriller leaving the bandit falling off a cliff suspended in mid-air.
‘I hope you are not making another attempt at snatching my Meks. Why not choose this spaghetti top instead?’
‘I don’t wear the same top twice within a fortnight, Miss Insecurity.’
‘When did Meks say he was coming?’The thug in the fifteen-inch TV set had resumed his fall and finally landed with a comical thud. The two sophomores giggled. ’Answer me na!’
‘I only wanted your attention, my pebbles are not ready yet,’ Sandra smirked mischievously as a throw cushion from the other end of the bed struck her lightly on the face.........
Meks loaded the recharge card. Scratching off the silver layer of recharge cards was something he would never really enjoy. Yet he loaded more than twice daily! Meks grinned slightly as the service message confirmed his latest installment of # 750 airtime. He got into his car and drove off, leaving a noisy Choba junction behind.
It was “useless” trying to beat the traffic on East-West road and that was because there was a ban on the use of the word “impossible”. The red Camry would slow down and snail along with the other impatient vehicles, eventually. It did so prematurely forty-five seconds later. The officer at the middle of the road armed with an umbrella and a soul-searching torchlight asked him to take off his cap so that the force man could see the twenty-eight year old writer’s face more clearly. The torchlight effectively highlighted the crew cut Meks was hawking with a well-trimmed beard, the full lips with a slight reddish hue which meant he could not be a smoker, full eye sockets chocolate colored skin, a little diminutive since he did not completely fill his seat- you could find ample room for a can of milk on either side. The verdict still was; handsome and innocent. Therefore, he drove on replacing the D&G cap on his head.
He was only fifteen minutes from the latest installment on his current novel: SPORT ON, which was about a writer who wrote about her last heartbreak concluding with a vow not to fall in love again- a decision she had to rescind on after one of her readers falls in love with her. After three weeks of rumination, Meks had finally come up with the best conclusion he could construe and he could not wait to put it down in writing.
His Nokia 3230 had not rung that day. He did not mind the fact that very few people called him these days; he did most of the calling. His family was in Lagos and both sides had little or no exchanges for months on end. That was his punishment for ‘graduating too young’ and refusing to either marry or join Chief Ezenwa in the family micro-finance bank. Why should he when two of his elder siblings were already on the board? He would have appreciated it if his family had encouraged his flair for writing, something he eventually ended up doing without their blessing. In any case, both sides were content presently as the phone quivered in his breast pocket. ‘stubborn me’ he thought as he recalled his girlfriend’s several admonitions to avoid keeping his mobile close to his heart. Her soft voice replied after he ‘helloed’ the call.
‘Meks how are you?
‘Baby I’m fine and it’s good to hear your voice’
‘You haven’t called me all day, so I decided to break the ice,’ she whined.
‘Sorry, baby boy has been busy, can we see tomorrow?’
‘When?’ The typical Nigerian reply to a question was a curter one.


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