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Just a random post from my blog. A follower asked me these questions and I obliged to answer.


Questions from:

1. What’s your favorite fairy tale and why?
2. Why do you write, and do you think it’s worth it?
3. Why do you read?
4. What would the ideal reader for your stories be like?

Answer to Question #1:

Well, my favorite fairy tales, ever since I was a child, are Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Why Cinderella? I have loved the story of it. I have grown up believing that fairy god mothers exist and magic is true. Of course, now I know they don’t exist and magic isn’t anything but a trick for the eyes but at least I grew up dreaming and believing. Why The Little Mermaid? I love swimming! And little mermaid taught me not to be afraid of the water and the ocean. I love how Ariel sings and her songs are just wonderful, and I love how her story went, I love how she got her feet and married the man she loves. Why Beauty and the Beast? Same like the little mermaid, I kinda like the songs here and I love how Belle loved Beast even though he is a beast, literally. I mean, not only he is literally a beast but he has an attitude of one. I admired Belle for changing him and loving him the way he was. I admired her for making him fall in love even though it was quite impossible at first. Who would’ve thought that beasts fall in love, right? So these are my favorite fairy tales. I’ve grown up loving and remembering each story and I know I learned something from each one. From each I’ve learned to wait for true love cos it will come. I should never rush love.

Cinderella – To believe and dream and follow your heart.

The Little Mermaid – To dream and to pursue. To not be afraid and do what you want. Even if it takes losing your voice! LOL

Beauty and the Beast – To love without looking at the physical appearance. To see love at its purest form. And to love truly.

Answer to Question #2:

I write because I love to write. I write because I want to express myself. I write because I want to have a record of all the things I have in my mind and the things I feel. When I write and let my feelings out (rage, happiness, in love, shocked), I get too carried away, I write every little thing that I feel, I describe every little detail and I put everything into words and then after that, I feel relieved, I feel okay, I feel better. And I write because I am practicing. I’d love it if I’d be an author. And I know, blogging and little writing stuffs (script writing, fanfiction writing) would help me enrich my vocabulary and imagination. Do I think it’s worth it? Yes, in a way that I satisfy myself and let my thoughts leave my mind. I hardly express myself orally, I am scared that I’ll just embarrass myself. So writing seems the rightest way to let it all out and everything, afterwards, is worth it.

Answer to Question #3:

I read because I learned how to and I have come to a realization that books will help you and make you realize what you want in life, what you lack and what you have. I read to, like everybody else, satisfy my mind. I read because I love books and I love the smell of a new one. I read because I feel it’s right for me. I dunno, really, but when I read I feel content and happy. I feel happier when I’m reading that when I’m in a bar with lots of people and fun music. I read to relax my stressed mind and to have my imagination running especially when I’m reading fiction. I somehow get this feeling that I’m in a different dimension when I read fiction. So yeah, I read to escape from reality, to get satisfaction and to enhance my vocabulary.

Answer to Queston #4:

Well, for now, I obviously don’t have anything written that’s mine. Well, I only have this blog and a diary/journal at home. No novels, no books but I eventually might get there cos I dream to be a writer and to fulfill it is my greatest wish. So my typical reader would be a lover of fiction or YA novels. MAybe because I love reading it myself so I’d probably write one in the future. And who else would read a young adult novel but a young adult reader, yes? And also, optimistic, opinionated, fun people too cos I kinda need comments and feedback for the book that I’ll probably write so yeah, people who wants to share their opinions and suggestions.


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author avatar Therese
30th Dec 2012 (#)

Good answers. I love Ariel and Belle as well.

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author avatar marianerika
30th Dec 2012 (#)

Good to know I'm not the only one!

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