Quilt Of Different Fabrics

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A poem about spiritual warfare and life in my reality.

Quilt Of Different Fabrics

A quilt of different fabrics with patches
Knits, like crochet kits, but on the  waves
Of instruments, countenance lifting, unremitting
Inconsistent standards, ain't factors, because it's written
Incidentally, with time to write or not
Lines to write or not, lightning hot
The chimes'll chime alot, winding wiles'll stop
The mind decides direction, regardless
No applications, that's for scapegoating, heavier problems
Attached the blame on me
Through misrepresenting, it's farthest
From straight and narrow truth, maime the marrow
Can't lift a hand, some kind of game repeated
Ain't acheived it, seeketh it not, even
In different spans
As I recall, no rubrics or keys, at least, that I would be
Completed in, ain't like I was planning
On times of challenges, but see me in
The traps of the battles, that I ain't dream to win
And even, if it was not intended, still it does not
Within, it hit my mind, whether or  not I was with it
Attendence, and attention, with it, whether or not
I resented, triggered, psychological warfare, of higher nature
Magnitude, I pass it through, and add it to
The ground and stuff...
That other junk, I don't do, bucked and jumped
Though with no proof, satanic cults of violence
If man expose all this old news, the truth is
The globe missed a lot, and I ain't know
But, then again, I ain't sow
So I ain't woke, modes, operations...
I'm not for satan though, I got to say I made it Home
One day, to hear, the well done, I bear my cross
And hold the faith...
A deadly remedy, well aware, of the toll at stake
A gentle sacrifice, stone and golems
Amethyst quotes, I wrote, for when I'm acting right
Only problem, I'd be the damned that night
The devil's appetite, polyphagous, it ain't a way to quench it...
But for me, there's contentment, because
The Savior is with me
Only doing His work, so I'm straight on all
That degrades His business...
Starting nothing
Evil sparked the flame from the beginning
So darkness constant
At my heart, these days, departed dart, arranged, look for reasons
'Cause I'm great but I ain't marred a slave
So I'm targeted
With strategies that aim to scar my name...
Cards arranged, all the wicked want is charred remains
Even if it took a minute, trying to pull the guard away
And some see it but the others disregard the saved
Labelled extra evil falsely, Matthew five eleven, present, essence of the devil
So persistent...
I exposed it though, long ago, and still, somehow
The image of the beast, envision, slithering to me
To end me, still, like I didn't seal the ripping in the sheet
Of time, grinning of the teeth, like mine
Contentions I ain't seek, they lying...
I'm only focused on what's next, I learned to look alive
At least, for books, my nooks, ain't crooks
Re-order what the villian killed, reforming
But disorganizing, extortion to keep the Lord from rising, the spot I hold
Is prophetic office
An anointing from the Most High
Not more to hide Him...
When I comes to what I went through
All the evil faced, was not confined to just a side, all the things engaged...
I live for God, so I ain't scared of when I leave the face
Of Earth
I was blameless, now, I can't embrace what bring me peace freely even
Much little writing, and stipulations, on the basis of contracts
Not signed but still implied, abide, was fried, and chided tough
For no reason, now corporate levels scheming
I ain't then deserve, when was even, smaller and
Lower levels...
Now, it seems, I'm a thing, to keep some kind of peace, although it isn't fair
What's required and been depriving me...
So would you blame me for thinking
The whole shebang arranged, was plotted, in the interests of money
And who could change the waves?
Pain allotted for nothing...
That shouldn't involve a brother, in the first place
Now I'm in the worse case, though I'm knowing, it was set up
As a frame to hurt Weh', amplified the faintest mess ups
As a way to merge lanes...
This the same type of truth I was speaking
Before it's personal...
But now, there ain't no space, in-between
Stuff forms, and then it's there...
But for my fame, it's weirder because it different air
It seems like what's abhorring protecting so I don't get nowhere...
I keep the Word of Lord, that's normally, the devil use manipulation
To trash, and act like restoral be...
Seeming different, but satan still got the sword to me
Shifty forms, and such, back at home even
The prophecies...
Not from me, but thousands wrongly silenced
Knowing it ain't right, so joined a  cult they think condone
The grimy, satan want to hide it...
Then implying violence
Through intimidation, chiding, knowing that God is
With the one they're plotting for and trying this...
But God is faithful, in His stable, where my mind is
My eyes on His Throne
I ain't worried how these times is...
All satanic, you don't have to look to find it
Some people chosen Mammon so they'd rather kill
What God's in...
But I'm God's kid, for real, He watch His prophets
And all the wicked Kings and queen know because
They watched it...
But just ain't honest, claim I break some promise, society opposes Light
Openly, but stalks it...
Constants, on my mind and life, need the Judgement
I feel, sometimes, til' it happens, still aligning
Til' the atmosphere divides and stuff, I rhyme and crush
What grind my dusts, and ashes from my righteous
Cause, don't have to be statically, but still enough
To shine and all, I'd climb and fall, and try back again
This quilt of many fabrics, act as if a comfort thing
Imagined, in conjunction, saying the madness
And the damage, I'm, now, functioned to confront, and that is
If I want to or not
Look at what happens when you follow God
You go through a lot...
But ain't complaining, just befalling plots
I call it, but ain't falling out, my words are root in Scripture things
It's still the same, I talk and not, to fill the page
Or make it seem my speech just costs a lot
If I ain't walk in plots
Like bots, the Cross just caught, my faults are
Non-existence, though the evil still as critical
But to be honest with you, I'm at peace
Angels show themselves, but it's God's will
Whenever, I'm at need, of spirit help, and guidance
I ain't trying this



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