Quoth the Maven, “I Know More.”

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A raven need not be sitting atop a bust of Pallas above a chamber door, nor need a maven answer a question you may have forgotten. In this twisted tribute to the famous American poet, Edgar Allan Poe, the maven speaks… “I know more.”

A Maven is Not a Yiddish Black-Bird

Once upon a sunny morning,
I became curious about something without warning
Though I now cannot recall exactly what I sought;
I Googled it and searched cyberspace,
Looked through my books but had to face
That I could not find the answer anyplace;
I felt my intelligence rot.

Opening the Door

As I sat in frustrated unknowing,
Suddenly I heard words flowing
From outside my firm but humble front door;
I flung it open and there I beheld
A prone older man like an old Oak felled,
Suddenly I felt impelled
To release a query from my core
Our eyes met in a moment
And his mouth began to move,
Quoth the maven, “I know more.”

Can You Tell Me What I Want To Know?

He declined my invite to come in
As upon his countenance appeared a twisted grin
I girded my mental loins and asked,
“Can you tell me what I want to know?”
I could tell that he knew it
But was afraid that I blew it
By asking so bluntly like a fast but inaccurate throw.
Did he think I was a hopeless bore?
Quoth the maven, “I know more.”

Mavens Know More

Presently I became insistent
Although the old man seemed resistant
To satisfy my growing need to know;
“You’re the expert and I need you –
If you like, I’d gladly feed you,
If you’ll tell me what to do
I shall gladly heed you.”
The maven backed away from my door
Clearly whispering,
“I know more.”

Humility Found

To this day, I have no solution
Having never asked for absolution
For forgetting that which seemed so important at the time;
Needing knowledge then forgetting
Is a frequent cause of common regretting
As I strive to avoid chronic fretting
As forgetting a curiosity is not a crime.
Yet, when I recall that sunny forenoon
My mind fills with a vaguely familiar old tune;
I know now that I know less than more
And hear the maven oft repeating,
“You think you know a lot,
But I know more.”


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Clinical Social Worker (Psychotherapist), humorist, poet and musician, Born in Boston and a relatively unscathed survivor of the 60's.
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author avatar Jojay
8th Oct 2012 (#)

Like your 'twisted tribute' and glad to see you're 'perching' on the Wikinut

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author avatar DuitByJames
8th Oct 2012 (#)

Mr David Reinstein, your wit is truly delightful. If you make sandwiches as well as you do articles I'm pretty sure you'd be welcome anywhere with a basket full. Thank You

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author avatar Han Van Meegerin
8th Oct 2012 (#)

We all open the door, but we see and do varies for all of us. Your writing is thought provoking!

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author avatar Han Van Meegerin
8th Oct 2012 (#)

We all open the door, but what we see and do varies for all of us. Your writing is thought provoking!

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author avatar krrymarie
8th Oct 2012 (#)

Like the flow and twist in this write thank you for sharing.

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author avatar LadyQueen
8th Oct 2012 (#)

Truly I love this wonderful piece. It has been carved so well.

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