Rainbow Ascension: Sound, Colour & Ph

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Much has been written about Dzogchen and rainbow body ascension. This is another perspective of this phenomenon.

Ph strip and rainbows

This article began awhile ago as a meditation on Ph and color, sound. I was making ormus (my first try) and got close to the desired Ph of 10.5 then the digital meter broke. I think it got wet or it might have short circuited in the salt. In any event, I had it at 9.86, within 0.64 Ph points of where it needs to be. That's when I had to pull out the colour chart to interpret Ph paper readings, the "low tech" way. The reason I bought the $20 electronic digital meter is because I did not think I could "see" the different colors past Ph 10 and this has to be halfway between 10 and 11. Upon close persistent patient inspection, I conclude I can see how to use it, that the ormus solution (salt water raised to Ph 10.5) is about 10 now.

Why did this happen? The universe did not want me to calibrate using the digital meter which is fragile and breaks if it gets wet. God said, "use your eyes then tell me what you see." This is what I see:


Synchronicities: 13-Mayan calendar; 12 parallel universes and chakras + present point of reference; 0 is not a number in some forms of mathematics. 0, 1 = root (rose, we rise from rose energy, also the lotus unfolds, the lens opens depositing us in a new body, blood, tissue this color), 2-4 = mating (2nd chakra) (lust is orange on earth because our blood/root is red and our sun is yellow), 5-6 = solar plexus where we store light (3rd chakra) (yellow and light greens correspond with buds and leaves on young plants). 3 is the vibration of our planet now, kind of color of Spring.

7&8=heart chakra and tone of 4th density (new earth), which is dark green, color of pine trees and Summer. That is what earth is becoming, dark rich green.

9, 10 are 5th density/chakra vibration and 11, 12 are 6th. I see those as shades of teal and lavender, and I cannot see them clearly without magnifying lens and extra white light, because the higher up one ascends the more subtle are the changes, and so it is in spiritual work as well. We might appear to be the same as anyone else. An ascended human is still human-looking. Inside, hidden away are subtle but meaningful structural changes, a change in frequency vibration, a new shade of blue, becoming purple then indigo.

13 should be indigo or black to absorb 100% of the light (reunion with source) becoming the space between stars and planets, the source field out of which all being is constructed. Out of the darkness of space comes the light of focused intelligence. It is focused by loving intention.

Love guides us from 0 back to 13. Each color is a sound frequency and a Ph level from acid to base. Cancer fungi require Ph below 7, on the acidic side to live. As we "ascend" in spiritual development on this ladder, we become more alkaline, at the same time absorbing more light. Sungazing accelerates this process, as do Vegan diet, clean water, yoga, Vipassana meditation (being aware of each thing fully) and what I would call synchronicity meditation, being aware of connected meaningful events.

My personal observation is that as we rise above 4th chakra in personal love experience to something closer to cosmic love or spiritual love, we can "see" different shades of blue that we cannot otherwise see. Color blindness is fairly common (mixing up blue, green and purple) may be less of a symptom of "disease" than of the wave of this spiritual evolution we all share. The main transition of the planet is from yellow to green, from acid (which grows cancers) to neutral (in which all life forms are treated equally, we all matter). This gives another visual way of looking at "ascension" IMHO, a wave of light which pushes the scale up one notch, but with each step on the ladder a quantum jump is made in terms of perspective, one can see from a higher place.

Like Flatland, the difference between being a dot and a line of dots is perspective, suddenly dot is not stuck in one location, it can move right or left. Then comes the next quantum jump when the lines realize they can go up and down not just right and left, 3 density is born and perhaps free will with it. After that we need to change the way we think about time/space in order to ascend and see the other colours clearly. Time is not linear, like the line of dots. It is a collection of meaningful moments, strung like pearls and the synchronicities, are like spiritual post its we put up for ourselves, constantly and with the help of our soul group and spirit guides. When we pray asking those guides for more signs and symbols, we get more telepathic emails in our spiritual inbox and more synchronicities.

12 Chakra Colors

Here is a public domain 12 chakra colour chart showing spiritual tasks alongside each colour. These tasks can be seen as applying to individuals as well as to large groups of people, that is nations, historical trends, economic trends, etc. We as a planet, and as a species go through cycles of working through certain issues as we collectively "ascend" in our "rainbow bodies" of chakras on the "ladder"


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