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Some new writings, a breakaway from my usual style and fare.

"Darkness, I quell" by Jerry E Smith ©8/21/16

I am dreaming, I float in a dream world.
Subtle colors, brilliant hues I see
Lovely though they are, my thoughts are awhirl;
I do not know just where all this might be

I sing a song of thanksgiving and praise;
Of Wonder, amazement; all this for me.
Floating and sailing, everywhere I gaze;
I am happy, I’m safe and I am free.

I see now this is no dream; this is pure
Reality, the world in which I live
Was crafted just for me, of this I’m sure
He who made me, has everything to give.

Paradise of the mind, the heart as well
Living in the moment, the darkness I quell

Jerry E Smith

"We are Reflection" by Jerry E Smith 9/1/16

There is night, and then there is night again,
In between, there is light. The light of life.
Dark is potential without form or frame.
We give it form, purpose; we are the light.

Existence is energy and darkness,
Changing forms, vibrational frequencies.
Brilliance emerges, retreating starkness.
Minds aflame, with harmonic sequences.

Purpose, form, brilliance, energy aflame
We give it shape, we give it direction
Always changing, we are never the same
An image we share, we are reflection.
“We are Reflection” by
Jerry E Smith

"Manifesto" by Jerry E Smith 8/23/16

Night has fallen on the village, the tallest buildings
Still illuminated, briefly, in the dying rays of the sun.
And with the night has come peace, for a few hours
At least. Somewhere in the night, a baby cries and is
Soothed by its mother, impassioned lovers wrestle
In that age old embrace.
No matter where you live, it is the same;
We all love, we all grieve…
We all have the same needs and wants for our
Why is it so hard to see that we are all brothers?
How is it not apparent that we are all
‘Children of the same Father?’
There is only one Creator, and He said:
“Love me, Love each other, and Love the Planet.”
In every religion it is basically the same, only it is
Men who have taken those VERY simple directives and
Twisted them so that they can feel justified in cheating,
Bullying and killing their brothers and sisters.
It is the Baptists and the Methodists, the Sufi’s and the Shiites
The Hassidim and the Palestinian, the Catholics and the
Protestants…the list goes on and on.
Why do the Hutus want to kill the Burundi?
Why the Croatians want to kill the Serbs?
What makes the Alawites think they are
Better than Sunni’s?
It all boils down to GREED… LUST for
Power over your fellow man, CONTROL over them,
Their lives and Resources.
Love God.
Love each other.
Love the planet.
“Manifesto” by
Jerry E Smith

"The Hummingbird of Time" by Jerry E Smith ©8/22/16

Time is racing by, flitting like a hummingbird from flower to
Flower. Dipping our minds into each second, to sample
The nectar of the moment, never really stopping to
Take in the depth of the meaning of the moment.
Hearts racing, minds awhirl we hurry through
Our days, until we come to the end without
Ever having truly lived. Yes, live in the now,
But take time to soak in the experience.
Take time to see, really SEE the beauty
Around you. Be Kind to all you meet.
Give of your time, that is the most
Important thing, because your
Time is yourself, your love
And your care. All your
Friends know this is
True of you; you
Should listen
To them.
“The Hummingbird of Time” by
Jerry E Smith


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author avatar Jongleur
I play piano and sing for the Elderly in care facilities in Atlanta for 8 yrs. I am also a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) I work for a home care agency now, as a patient transport.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
7th Sep 2016 (#)

This is a lovely compilation of word thoughts Jerry ...and I am very glad you have chosen to share them here with us .
Thank you and God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Jongleur
7th Sep 2016 (#)

Thank you Stella. You seem to be my only fan over here. :)

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
8th Sep 2016 (#)

I am sure there are many who admire your work Jerry ....but fewer people are leaving comments nowadays it would seem .
Please keep writing
More blessings to you
Stella : )

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author avatar Jongleur
9th Sep 2016 (#)

Thank you Ms Stella.
I seem to be attracting one spammer in particular, who once again, 'has something important to discuss with me' and is asking I contact her at her email.
Disgusting that the platform lets this go on without doing something and getting rid of the idiot.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
9th Sep 2016 (#)

A few of us have had the same Jerry , but I have responded by saying I don't give my email address to anyone I am not familiar with .
Many blessings

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author avatar Jongleur
9th Sep 2016 (#)

I've been just deleting them, but just yesterday I responded to this latest one, saying something like "Listen you crazy person, I am NOT going to reply to you by email, and you do NOT have anything 'important to discuss " with me.
So far, no response.

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