Random Dialogue About Two Sisters

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This is Random dialogue for entertainment purposes with fictional characters, (two sisters) Mimi and Kate. Showcases two paintings actually painted by the author.

At the park

Mimi: Look at that dog!
Kate: What dog?
Mimi: That one over there that is running around in circles.
Kate: Oh...that dog! I thought it was some type of rodent.
Mimi: Where's its leash? Dogs are supposed to be on leashes here.
Kate: That's a good question. And it looks mad too. I wouldn't want to get near it.
Mimi: That's for sure. That is one scary little dog.
Kate: So anyways, Mimi, why are we in the dog park again?
Mimi: To watch dogs.
Kate: Watch them do what?
Mimi: To watch them be...well...dogs.
Kate: Haven't you seen a dog before?
Mimi: Of course I have.
Kate: Then why--
Mimi: I need to view canine behavior for my Psychology class. The more dogs, the better.
Kate: Ah, now that makes sense. Because you aren't exactly a dog person.
Mimi: Wait...does that dog have an owner?
Kate: What dog?
Mimi: The one we were talking about earlier.
Kate: Oh, that dog! Hmm, I'm not sure. Why do you ask?
Mimi: Because I think it's headed our way!
Kate: You can't be serious. You're just being paranoid.
Mimi: Kate, I really am serious. And I'm not being paranoid, I'm just being observant.
Kate: Hmmm. Well that dog does seem maybe a little bit closer than before, but I don't think it's actually coming towards us.
Mimi: Hey Kate, I think that dog is gaining speed.
Kate: I guess you were right.
Mimi: RUN!

In the Kitchen

Kate: Well, I'm glad we escaped that dog.
Mimi: Me too.
Kate: Besides, it gave us an excuse to eat lunch earlier.
Mimi: Yeah, I didn't even have to complain about being hungry.
Kate: Yes. That's why I didn't grumble about making this meal.
Mimi: You really can cook.
Kate: Thank you!
Mimi: But I'm a good eater.
Kate: Yes, you are.
Mimi: Is it...obvious?
Kate: What?
Mimi: Is it obvious?
Kate: No, I heard what you said. But I am unclear as to what you were referring to.
Mimi: Is it obvious that I'm a good eater?
Kate: Not unless you point it out
Mimi: I want people to notice on their own and tell me what a great eater I am.
Kate: That's probably not going to happen.
Mimi: Why not? It's true!
Kate: It's not a compliment that people usually give.
Mimi: Well eating is pretty much the only thing I'm good at. Oh and staying skinny.
Kate: That's not true!
Mimi: Yes it is! I can't cook; I can't even use the toaster properly. I can't sing without people running away or grabbing earplugs. I can't dance without falling on the floor.
Kate: You could say you're good at testing gravity
Mimi: Oh, thanks...
Kate: But seriously, you're a great writer and a great sister. You should be proud of that.
Mimi: Thanks, sis. I guess you're right.
Kate: Don't be so blue.
Mimi: What color should I be then?
Kate: Er...rainbow?
Mimi: Oh, right. That's a color. Ha!
Kate: See, that's something else you're good at: telling that something is a color or not.
Mimi: I guess. Maybe I should become an artist. Except I can't draw anything that looks like what it's supposed to be.
Kate: So what? Try abstract painting then.
Mimi: That's an idea. But...
Mimi: I will, I will
Kate: What about your but?
Mimi: Pardon? My butt?
Kate: Yes, your but.
Mimi: Is there something wrong with my butt?
Kate: I dunno because I haven't heard it yet.
Mimi: What? You've heard my butt plenty of times. And smelled it quite a few times too I daresay.
Kate: No, I was talking about your "but," not your "butt." When I suggested that you try abstract painting, you said, "That's an idea, BUT..." What was that?
Mimi: Oh! I see!
Kate: Well, tell me.
Mimi: Abstract painting is a good idea, but I wonder how I would title my paintings.
Kate: You would title whatever you want to call them, silly!
Mimi: But I want to call them something that makes sense.
Kate: Well, how about this: say you can't paint potatoes-
Mimi: You can't paint potatoes.
Kate: That's not what I meant. Anyway, let's say that you can't paint potatoes. So your painting would not be called a "portrait of potatoes," but it could be called a "painting of anything but potatoes."
Mimi: That is quite a strange idea. I don't even like potatoes.
Kate: That's irrelevant. Nobody cares if you like potatoes or not.
Mimi: Hmph. Are you saying that I should title all of my paintings a "painting of anything but potatoes?"
Kate: No. That's just an idea. It all depends on your mood at the moment that you're painting it.
Mimi: How so?
Kate: Well, if you're in a particularly anti-potato mood, you could title it "portrait against the consumption of potatoes," or "the fury against spuds." Do you see what I'm saying?
Mimi: That you're obsessed with potatoes?
Kate: No! Let's try a different example. Okay, what would you want to paint about?
Mimi: Abstract stuff.
Kate: Like dreams?
Mimi: Hmm, that's actually a good idea.
Kate: Okay. When are you going to get started?
Mimi: When I have the inspiration.
Kate: But didn't I just inspire you with an idea?
Mimi: Yes, but I can't remember any dreams to paint.
Kate: Oh, I see. You need to have a dream first, before you can paint it.
Mimi: Precisely.
Kate: So get to sleep now!
Mimi: What? That's ridiculous! I'm not tired, and it's two in the afternoon.
Kate: But the sooner you dream, the sooner you can paint. Besides, I have something that can help you fall asleep.
Mimi: Sleeping pills?
Kate: Even better than sleeping pills: my history textbook.
Mimi: That would work, but then my dreams would be filled with Marco Polo, Vladimir Lenin, and George Washington.
Kate: Well, you could read only the chapters that don't contain those people.
Mimi: Then my dreams would be about other historical figures!
Kate: Would you rather read my biology textbook?
Mimi: Yes! I like Biology.
Kate: Then you can read it!
Mimi: But it won't put me to sleep.
Kate: You could read my textbook just for fun!
Mimi: Or you could.
Kate: But that wouldn't be fun!
Mimi: Then don't do it!
Kate: Can you do my English homework for me? It involves a lot of reading!!!
Mimi: If you're so excited about it, why don't you do it yourself?
Kate: But YOU would do it better.
Mimi: But it's YOUR homework
Kate: Fine! I'll do MY homework then!
Mimi: Good.
Kate: I will!
Mimi: Good for you.
Kate: It is good for me.
Mimi: That's nice.
Kate: Unlike you. You're not nice because you wouldn't do my homework for me.
Mimi: That's because it's YOUR homework.
Kate: Your logic confuses me
Mimi: Really? Why am I not surprised?
Kate: I think that you're being selfish not helping me with my homework.
Mimi: Really, well I think you're annoying.
Kate: You're being so mean.
Mimi: Geez. I'm sorry I called you annoying. It's not true at all...
Kate: Thank goodness I don't understand sarcasm!
Mimi: Okay, I'm going to take a shower, because I smell.
Kate: Yes, you do. Can you shower for me?
Mimi: What? How is that possible?
Kate: Well it's not, but can you dedicate your shower to me?
Mimi: Why?
Kate: Because I want to feel special.
Mimi: You are special.
Kate: Yeah, but nobody has ever dedicated a shower to me.
Mimi: Fine, I'll dedicate my shower to you.
Kate: And do my English homework?
Mimi: NO!
Kate: Why not?
Mimi: Because I said so! Stop using your pouty face like you do on mom and dad. It's not going to work on me.
Kate: Why not?
Mimi: You know what, all of our arguing and nonsense talk has tired me out. I'm gonna go take a nap.
Kate: Ha! Can I watch you sleep?
Mimi: No, that would creep me out greatly.
Kate: Can you do my English homework in your sleep.
Mimi: Sure, and your French too...
Kate: Great. Okay, you can go sleep now.
Mimi: Yes, boss.

In Mimi's Room

Kate: Well, your first painting was a little odd.
Mimi: And ugly.
Kate: Well it was pretty before you added that orange stuff.
Mimi: But I did succeed in abstract painting.
Kate: Yeah, your first painting doesn't look like anything at all. And I really like your second one.
Mimi: Yeah, I think my second one came out okay.
Kate: Although it kind of looks like a wave.
Mimi: Yeah, it kind of does. I had a dream that I was surfing with ants.
Kate: Which aunts? Aunt Mary? Ooh, definitely Aunt Judy, she would be a funny person to surf with.
Mimi: Not that kind. I was surfing with a bunch of ants, the kind that you don't want at your picnic.
Kate: Oh, I see. But I wouldn't want Aunt Sue at my picnic. She'd eat all the food before we could even see what it was.
Mimi: She would. Anyways, is my second painting even abstract, because it looks like something?
Kate: Did you paint a wave you saw?
Mimi: Well I did have my surfing in my mind, but I wasn't really paying attention to what the water looked like. In my dream, I spent the most time trying to get the ants to go away.
Kate: So let's say the second picture is "Abstract representationism."
Mimi: Good idea. Now for names.
Kate: Neither of them have anything to do with potatoes.....or celery...or toothpicks.
Mimi: No kidding. How about you name the first one, and I'll name the second.
Kate: Okay.

The First Painting

Kate was given the task of naming this painting, a task which she took seriously, at least for her. She went through the ideas "The Ugly Painting," "Art Vomit," "This isn't Food," "My Sister Smells Like Rotten Food," and "Abstract Painting The First," before arriving at the title that she would choose, which was at least slightly less odd than her other choices. The title of the first painting was now, "Clashspace of Doodleland."

The second painting

The Second painting, which was not titled "The Painting That Has Nothing To Do With Potatoes," was named by MImi. She gave herself this task, because she did not really care what the first one was titled, (let her sister name it whatever she want, be it "Space Monkeys in My Garden", or "Windy Not-a-road.") while she did care about her second painting, hoping it wouldn't have an unfortunate name. And thus her second painting became ,"Dreamwash."

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Was quite interesting in the beginning and lost the thread somewhere in between and Okay concluded.

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it's just a pointless dialogue to get my rambling tendencies out of the way

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