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Just some musings I had while in the bath....nothing less than random thoughts placed into coherent logic


Writing inspiration can hit you from almost anywhere, at almost anytime. It's been a slow year for me inspiration wise. And quite often if I do by chance have inspiration strike, I lose it almost as quickly as I gained it. Can be an extremely aggravating experience, especially for a writer such as myself. But it's safe to say that inspiration has indeed struck me again and this time...I'm doing my best not to allow it to slip out of my very slippery, wet fingers. Yes, I said wet. Because this time it has struck me while in the bath. While shaving my legs actually. Oh!! Did I just say that?!? Did I....just say....shaving my legs? Yeah, that happened!! I said it. I had my leg up and my foot resting on the faucet and my first thought was how compromising of a position this was and how flexible us women become when shaving. And as often does my thoughts traveled to the whole concept of women and shaving. Now for all of you that know me, you know I'm not entirely in agreement with the whole idea of equality for women. The fact of the matter is that women are not equal to men, nor are men equal to women. The whole idea that we should all be treated the same just makes no sense to me at all. We do not treat a puppy as we treat an old dog. We do not treat physically disabled as we treat a mentally disabled. I know....strange comparisons, but still worth thinking about. Now, back to my train of thought.

Women's "secret" habits

Shaving....men do it, and brag about it, a lot!! Men can go months without shaving and walk around showing off their beard, and then when they shave it, they post pics saying "look what I did." But shaving for women....so taboo. We all know women shave. There's no secret to it. I'm sure any married or long term commited man will even admit to the fact that their women will sometimes go weeks, maybe months without actually doing it. But, it's still such a secretive subject. Wouldn't be very approving for women to start posting pics of their freshly shaved arm pits or legs, or even pics of their non shaved body parts. And I have to wonder why. Is it that we as women feel we need to keep our cleanliness habits to the hidden recluse of our bathrooms? Do we feel the pressure to be "perfect" in a sense? Have to give off the idea that we do not shave, or pluck, or tweeze, or wax, or sugar because we as women, are in essence perfect goddesses of beauty with no unsightly hair ever growing in any part? This whole concept confuses me. If equality is what we as women have been striving for, than that means showing off the fact that we shave, or do not shave. It also means taking a dump and saying we did, or burping out the alphabet because we can.

Mulling it over

Ah, but....if we were to do that, would make it difficult to find a mate wouldn't it? Let's face it, the majority of men would not be attracted to this type of woman...which is why we do hide our routines. Yes, this has been my thought process today. No, it's not the most inspirational idea I've come up with lately. But it is a heck of a lot more than I've been getting recently and it has to count for something. I'm hoping that it means my brain has finally started to clear and that perhaps the fog as begun to dissipate. So while you all sit and mull over my very odd and strange musing I am going to climb back into my nice hot bath, get my foot back up on that faucet and finish shaving my legs.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
22nd Mar 2014 (#)

Well, guess many do it I like epilation, it a lot better. Longer lasting and better smoothness. Other is waxing. Take care. I don't shave, good luck with yours.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
23rd Mar 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar Empress
23rd Mar 2014 (#)

Good for you Lady Aiyanna!! Do you have to attack everything I write?!?

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author avatar Empress
23rd Mar 2014 (#)

The point is the writing, not the stupid shaving!!!!

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