Raped By Trust...

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The most shocking are some cases recently in the news here, in Kerala. Incest by fathers is something that kills the light of a girl's mind. And it's even more unbearable to hear that the two ongoing cases are teenage girls betrayed by their fathers, who sold them to several men over 2 years. One of the girls, was taken by her own dad 2 years ago, in the name of meeting a film director. She had been raped by more than 150 different men during the past 2 years.

Raped by Trust - A Socially Relevant Poem

The colors of dreams blend
Into stark white oblivion
When values are ripped
Beyond moral reason...

When clothes were torn
While beer-breaths reek,
I remembered pouting at mom
For new gowns every week...

I scream quietly biting my tongue,
When I'm lethally torn apart,
"Mom, all I want is that old gown,"
Cries in vain my broken heart...

With insatiable lust so sharp,
When nails scrape off my skin,
My honor bleeds to death,
With every stroke of sin...

I don't want such cursed beauty,
Nor the facade of elegance...
Stained is my life with trust
That robbed off my innocence...

Afraid to move, I lay there open,
Waiting for the next degrading burial...
Remembering mom killed me while
I drowned in my own father's betrayal...

August 10th, 2011
© Sana Rose 2011


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A medical student with a love story with the pen since I was thirteen. Published poet at 22 and has completed a second collection and my first novel. Visit me at: www.sanarose.com

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
21st Aug 2011 (#)

You have captured the horror of incest and rape so powerfully here, Sana Rose. It is so tragic.

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author avatar Humza
28th Aug 2011 (#)

Sana thats really sad to read yet another story of the horrendous faces these beasts "fathers" tend to have just for the sake of their lust for money!

My heart goes out for those innocent souls who have been born to those fathers who dont even deserve to be called humans let alone fathers!!!

They should be stoned to death!
thnx for sharing sana !

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author avatar Sana Rose
28th Aug 2011 (#)

Am glad that there are at least some people who understand its horror. Thank you, Humza! Some inhuman readers at other places have asked why am I even writing this, what I can do to help it by writing this and whether I was trying to get attention by highlighting things that happen daily. May Allah forgive their unkindness. I write this coz even if I can't stop these things happening by a poem, am expressing my voice against it and Allah will reward me for that, won't he? :) for hating an evil and empathizing with the victim? Thank you friend..

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author avatar Humza
29th Aug 2011 (#)

exactly sana, atleast ur writing out such horrible things and event destroyin ppl lives and expressing ur anger and that is alot on ur part, may be someday u might find someone through whom u van really put this into action or may be some day INSHALLAH Allah will make way for u to stop this crime!!!
let them say u carry on! :)
am with u!!!

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author avatar Sana Rose
29th Aug 2011 (#)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Humza.. :)

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author avatar faiknr
2nd Sep 2011 (#)

It's really heartbreaking and wish "this" trigger at least a few, to act against this devilish act.Seems Humans leave nothing unraped.What prompted u to write this?Keep it up.

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author avatar Sana Rose
2nd Sep 2011 (#)

thank you, pal.. The introduction says what prompted me. Luckily, it's not autobiographical.. :)

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author avatar Tranquilpen
23rd Oct 2011 (#)

Hard to believe that God had created every single person on this earth, when we read about such devastating tragedies. I have written about similar Rape atrocities and it is extremely hard to do, but it needs to be shared with others that care.

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