Rather Die Than Adapt?

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First thing in the morning, Marzeus and Majesty make their way to Studio Art. As soon as the door is open, Majesty runs inside to be the first to see the new strange creature that has come into their lives.

Rather Die Than Adapt?

While Marzeus is closing the door, he listens to the silence. Suddenly the silence is broken by the meowing of the kitten. Thank goodness!

Roger has come out of a hiding place it has found for itself, and has come running to Majesty. He seems to like Majesty now. Perhaps he sees Majesty as the closest thing to a mother now.

The milk and the chicken bone definitely, have still not been touched. Marzeus has brought a syringe without a needle along. He goes to the refrigerator and fills the syringe with soup.

Holding Roger in his left hand, he tries to squirt some soup into Roger's mouth with the syringe. A lot of it just messes right onto the floor. Roger's not swallowing much of it.

But Marzeus tries again. Not much use; Roger is pushing the syringe away with his paws.

What is Marzeus to do? Roger must eat if he's to survive. Marzeus tries to squirt some milk down Roger's throat. Some of it was swallowed, but only a few millilitres at a time. Marzeus tries a bit more until he's certain that Roger won't die from hunger just yet.

While Marzeus is cleaning the syringe and putting the stuff away in the refrigerator, Majesty and Roger are playing. Roger likes to run after Majesty, and after a while Majesty starts playing with Roger too.

But the playing soon gets rough. Marzeus observes them. It appears that Majesty gets worked up and still has that animal instinct to kill and eat this cat.

Majesty starts to roughhandle the kitten. The kitten doesn't seem to mind though; in fact it seems to think Majesty is grooming it by knibbling and licking it. It lies down on the floor sometimes and lets Majesty lick its underside.

But Marzeus can see Majesty is just too small to get a good bite in, otherwise he would, and calls him off. Telling Majesty that Roger is their friend, and they do not eat their friends, Marzeus is still worried about how they're going to pull their new infant friend through the difficult baby stages.

Early in the evening, Marzeus finds a baby bat. When he brings his finger close, the baby bat clings onto his fingertip. Immediately Marzeus realizes that this is something one doesn't find every day, so he decides to take it to his studio to photograph it.

At the studio he gets a fright - as Majesty and him enters, there's no meowing of a kitten. Is this it; has Roger finally left this life?

But no, Majesty soon finds Roger. Roger just found himself a new hiding place, and it takes a while for him to get himself out again.

As expected, a quick glance at the milk, water and food shows that Roger hasn't eaten anything on his own. Marzeus just gives the chicken bone to Majesty, before it would start to rot.

Roger is clearly more anxious though. He must be very hungry by now.

Marzeus photographs the small baby bat on his finger, in the photography section of his studio, where he is joined by Majesty, and Roger following the latter quite audibly.

Marzeus looks at the poor cat. Instead of learning to drink by itself, it's clearly rather going to starve. Marzeus picks it up and takes a few photographs of it for posterity. Seeing the kitten's face from so close up, Marzeus realizes how beautiful it really is. How can he help it survive? Is there really no way?

Then he remembers something...

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