Raymond Westerling, War Criminal from the Netherlands

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A number of people Majene and Polewali Mandar (Polman) in Sulawesi, sued the Dutch government for war crimes that occurred 60 years ago. They are a family of 40,000 victims of the massacre of people who had conducted by Captain Raymond Westerling.


Indonesia's independence war was not only leaving the stories of heroism, but also cause painful wounds in the hearts of the people of Indonesia. Stories of the massacre of the people of Indonesia by the Dutch Army during the year 1945-1949, no one can match the atrocities committed by Captain Raymond Westerling in South Sulawesi.
It is known that Indonesia has proclaimed kemerdekaaannya on August 17, 1945. However, based on agreements between allied countries in which the colonies would be returned to the colonial authorities, led to Indonesia must be face to face with the Dutch Army.It is known that Indonesia has proclaimed kemerdekaaannya on August 17, 1945. However, based on agreements between allied countries in which the colonies would be returned to the colonial authorities, led to Indonesia must be face to face with the Dutch Army. As a result there are many battles between the Dutch and Indonesian troops across the country.
South Sulawesi Indonesia as one of a kind of conflict is very inconvenient Dutch Army. Freedom fighters fiercely defend every inch of the territory of Indonesia, although only with bamboo spears.Dutch government was very difficult subdue the freedom fighters. To that end Westeling Captain Raymond was called to train the Dutch special forces green beret who was expected to address the chaos in South Sulawesi

Captain Raymond Westerling

Westerling's childhood was not much revealed, most of the closed meeting. In the name's list of KNIL soldiers, whose name was only listed as a Captain Westerling. He was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on Sunday, August 31, 1919. His parents were was carpet merchant partners. His father was a Dutchman, his mother's Greek ancestry.
When she was 5 years old, his parents left Westerling. Unhappy child was then living in an orphanage. It was there that perhaps the form itself into one that does not rely on anyone and bound.
He entered military service on August 26, 1941 in Canada. On December 27, 1941 he arrived in England and served in the Princess Irene Brigade in Wolverhampton, near Birmingham. Westerling, including 48 of the Dutch as a first force to obtain special training in the Commando Basic Training Centre in Achnacarry, in Scotland a barren beach, cold and uninhabited. Through training very hard and heavy, they are prepared to become commander of Dutch troops in Indonesia. An English instructor himself said this training as: "It's hell on earth" (hell on earth). Training and the lessons they receive are "unarmed combat" (empty hand fighting), "silent killing" (hidden shooting), "death slide", "how to fight and kill without firearms" (fight and kill without firearms), "sentry killing" (kill the guards) and so on.
Captain Raymond Westerling is a veteran of World War II. After World War II, the Dutch wanted to return to power in Indonesia. Westerling's when Holland was assigned to train the elite troops in Indonesia, Speciale Troepen Depot, 1946. Westerling select those most ruthless and hot-tempered, but has an outstanding military skills.

The Massacre in South Sulawesi

Westerling in Indonesia known as the "executioner" who committed genocide, especially in the various regions in South Sulawesi. Makassar city and district of Barru, Parepare, Pinrang, Sidrap, and Enrekang. The incident was around December 1946 - February 1947. Most victims was in galung Lombok, Barru district. To commemorate that dark history, the city government to build the monument in the city of Makassar, called a monument to victims of 40,000. Is it true that as many as 40,000 lives, the truth is still disputed amount. But one thing is clear. Almost all of the testimony, both the Indonesian and Dutch parties themselves justify how vicious cruelty Westerling. He was a very simple soldier shot dead one, for no apparent reason. Just like a shot bird. That's not counting the prisoners in inhuman torture. Many witnesses said that the people of South Sulawesi were treated like animals by Westerling and his men.
To illustrate the cold-blooded cruelty that Westerling, J. Dancey a British officer told me, "One morning I went to Westerling to drink and chat together. Suddenly he calmly took the severed head of the trash can beside his desk. He said it was severed head of a rebel leader who had just cut, ". Westerling as if to teach the English officer, "here's how you know if you want to crush the rebellion".


So many atrocities committed by Westerling in Indonesia during the independence war. Yet somehow the Dutch do not want to punish him. Though the Dutch dalah where the International Court for Crimes against Humanity. Maybe there which certain parties Westerling cover up the crime. But certainly the Indonesian people will never forget it.


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author avatar Bizning Vakil
27th Jun 2012 (#)

Well, history has not been nice, and sometimes, very cruel...

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author avatar Basri rangkuti
26th Oct 2013 (#)

yeah, but the history is the reflection of something that can not be denied, so let it tell the thruth

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author avatar ludi71
27th Jun 2012 (#)

yes, and even worse, this genocide is not considered as a war crime by the Netherlands

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author avatar C.T. Aretz
28th Jun 2012 (#)

How could this war crime not be considered a war crime? Either the dutch are stupid, or they are just covering it up so their country won't be tainted red of the cruel murders their army committed. I believe this article is right in saying that, the dutch were and still are covering this up. Horrible crimes. What a shame.

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author avatar ludi71
29th Jun 2012 (#)

yeah, there's a book that tell us westerling had connection with Prince Bernhard, husband of Queen Beatrix, Queen of Dutch. That's why westerling case has been covered up until now...

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