Reaching for Sun

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Sometimes when the world is cold and the sun is setting we reach for whatever we can find to ease our pain.

Reaching for Sun

Reaching for Sun

Out in the green forest
a dying wolf bites at his wound,
howling at moon,
for he knows nothing more to do
in his wildness,
he has no place left in his heart
for love or warmth
shunned from the pack in his weakness.

Buried in City Streets

Buried deep in busy city streets
after war’s bitter end
a young man stabs at his wounds,
nodding in his pain’s relief
for he knows nothing more to do
in his wildness,
he has no place left within his heart
for love or warmth
shunned from his pack in his weakness.

Love is Enough

Home alone, lost within her cold thoughts
a young woman weeps for relief
but finds no sure cure for her pain,
for she knows only one thing more to do,
and with her heart filled full
she falls upon her knees
lifting herself above the fray
for just this one more day,
this one more minute
for she knows nothing more to do
loved by her pack
and on this one dark filled day
she finds that love is enough.


Credits, all photographs by J. Sant


Lost Humanity, Lost Love, Moon, Moonglow, Peace, Peace And Harmony, Peace In The Lord, The Wolf

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author avatar Utah Jay
I have been writing since the beginning of time it seems, not because I want to write, but because I have too. My favorite form of writing is poetry, all kinds and types of poetry.

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author avatar Blogperfect
18th Jul 2014 (#)

very inspiring, keep it up friend

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Jul 2014 (#)

fabulous again Utah...

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author avatar spirited
18th Jul 2014 (#)

Love is always enough, if it's held back by the pack, we might think that it's not though.

Relighting that distanced person's candle is a wonderful thing to do.

Your poetry is doing that here for us Utah.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
19th Jul 2014 (#)

I am the Sun and I stand alone,
Holding all Life and ascending throne.
Bringing Planet Earth with gravity and Life,
Wearing the Crown and intensity as Wife.

Pulling heaven and Earth all around One,
Bringing in the intensity and cover of Sun.
With shields and armour covering all inside,
Showing the blue now in royalty and pride.

Where no other can touch the truth of Heart,
As they bring in the anthem from World Apart.
Singing on sweetly and showing fact of chaste,
Elimination all Darkness with Post Haste.

Leaving no other able to see or hear pride,
As the Sun reaches for Planet Earth inside.
There can be just One but many emulate,
But in mortality its the truth of that gate.

Holding the intensity of the Spice Box of Life,
Where Planet Earth is intense with love as Wife.
Showing the Sun the fingers are now true,
Bringing back all life that is Good and New.

As I take back everything as the Keeper of Life,
Bringing forth the veil and now ending all strife.
Knowing that the music now creates soul,
Showing the intensity of true and whole.

Where love is the answer to Planet Earth and Sun,
A New Life and Beginning has now begun.
For we have lived through it all for life now to see,
This is the world of love just meant to be.

Creating the endurance with historical pride,
Chorusing in happiness within heart inside.
As the Sun now vanquishes darkness of Strife,
With all of Creation now singing You are my Life.

Melting the snow that came for heart,
Bringing forth spring with a brand new start.
Showing that autumn has now clothes shed,
Walking back with spring into coveted bed.

Under the blanket showing truth of new life,
This is the cover of Snow of wintry Wife.
Who grows all deep within bringing love,
Who shines forth steadily in heavens Above.

Where the Armour reflects the two edged sword,
Bringing in the love within every word.
As they all now gather whispering in heart,
This is just magical for the World Apart.

Where all of Creation now get to see,
Spring is with Autumn in Wild and Free.
With Summer in Heart and Winter to fill,
Showing the truth of life and rivers now spill.

For this is the moment that comes in true,
I am who I am out here Planet Earth in Blue.
With Nature in Armour now protecting Life,
With Sun hidden in Cloud for Love of Wife.

Knowing no other able to combat One,
Bringing back the Power and intensity of Sun.
With that Heavens took back the Cover of Life,
Showing all protect Sun at behest of Wife.

Making all of Creation now see truth Above,
As they know the intense gravity of that Love.
With Sun, Moon, Stars now happy to see,
This is the truth of Love that is meant to be.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 19th July 2014

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author avatar Utah Jay
19th Jul 2014 (#)

Thank you Blogperfect.

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author avatar Utah Jay
19th Jul 2014 (#)

You are a sweat heart for say so Carolina.

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author avatar Utah Jay
19th Jul 2014 (#)

Thank you spirited for such kind words.

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author avatar Utah Jay
19th Jul 2014 (#)

It is very nice Lady Aiyanna, and thank you for reading, but I fail to see what it has to do with my post...

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author avatar Kingwell
19th Jul 2014 (#)

Keep writing my friend. I enjoy your poetry.

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author avatar Utah Jay
20th Jul 2014 (#)

I am so happy that you do Kingwell...Thank you.

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author avatar Margaret Michel
14th Aug 2014 (#)

Very nice, and I loved the pics!

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