Real America! Rant's & Rave's Patriotic Poetry

Donald Czerwinski By Donald Czerwinski, 2nd Mar 2016 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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A little humorous patriotic poetry, just lightening the subject a little bit.

Real America! Rant's & Rave's Patriotic Poetry

It was the 14th of March on the eve of the Republican Bash,
Governor Kasich was biting his nails and twirling around for
he was nervous, the people would be coming to town
and casting their votes and hopping around.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio also were found walking around
town but the people were nowhere to be found. A young
child looks up and yells to the crowd looks its Donald Trump
and he’s flying into town and the eagle above was smiling
on down.

The people cheered and what a joy they have found
our future President was landing in town. Holler’s and
screams could be heard, Donald Trump please save
our little towns.

The voters went out and spread the the good news
that the Donald was in town. At the end of the day
when the votes were all cast Donald Trump has
triumphed throughout the Ohio land.


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author avatar Donald Czerwinski
"Hello World" Donald Czerwinski here, I enjoy writing poems and articles and doing video's on You tube on my opinions on many topics and I love to share them with the world.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
5th Mar 2016 (#)

Donald Trump plays the divide and conquer game. He looks at you and says you're mad and angry and you got a right to be mad. Then he plays the blame game - it's Muslims. Before that it was Mexicans. It's what Republicans do in order to win votes. Before Trump it was blacks and affirmative action taking away jobs from whites. Before that it was women. The average Joe doesn't have a clue he's being taken this way - this is what the elites always do while they rob the people blind and keep them enslaved. They've become so good at it that they have convinced millions of people to vote for their own oppression, which is what all those working class white people do when they vote Republican.

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author avatar Donald Czerwinski
5th Mar 2016 (#)

Hi thank you for the comment very much appreciated. It seems we can agree to disagree. Trump 2016

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
8th Mar 2016 (#)

Trump is a guy who began his presidential run by brtanding Mexican immigrants as rapists, drug mules and criminals. This is a guy whose followers at his rallies manhandle and assault those who demonstrate against him, and he encourages them. This is a guy who doesn't disavow the support of the Ku Klux Klan. This is a guy who wants to torture. This guy is a fascist. Sig heil.

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author avatar Donald Czerwinski
8th Mar 2016 (#)

Hi Steve, thanks for the comment always appreciated, it appears we can agree to disagree.

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