Real America! Rant's & Rave's Restoring The Republic

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A short article on issues we the people want corrected on America to restore the Constitutional Republic & current poll results.

Real America! Rant's & Rave's Restoring The Republic

Hello World,

Welcome to Real America! Rant’s & Rave’s

Today is March 1st, 2016 and it’s super Tuesday and I’m super excited to announce the winner’s of Republican party as being reported from various news sites from around America thus far. The people have spoken, but we’re going to get to that in a minute.

It is clear to me and many others that moving America into the future we need strength, integrity, character, reliability, intelligence all the great characteristics of the man Donald Trump. Not to mention the fact that him and I share a great name. Donald a Scottish name which means “ruler of the world” as referenced from

The past eight years I have been ashamed of my country's leaders in all three branches of the government. It is more than clear to myself and many others, the ones that have awoken, the government has it’s own agenda that is against the will of the people and so many Americans have had enough.

Here is a list of things here on America we the people have had enough of and we want answers.

1)The health care bill must be repealed. No one should be fined for not having health insurance.

2)The border’s must be secured and immigration halted until we have control of who and what is coming into our country and we are out of debt. (19 Trillion & Counting)

3)The IRS must be eliminated and a flat tax shall take it’s place at the local, State and Federal levels.

4)All member’s of government shall have term limits and their oath of office uprooted into a database for the world to view to ensure they uphold their duties under the constitution.

5)Lobbyist groups shall be outlawed too much evidence of a bought and paid for government.

6)Prisons will no longer be a private corporation and shall be turned over to the states and ran by the states.

7)All elected government officials (servants) shall publicly every year show their incomes to the people through private audit agency for review to insure honest dealings.

8)All Federal land shall be turned over to the states and the federal government shall have no jurisdiction outside the land designated to the federal government, military etc.

9)All debt to foreign countries shall cease until our infrastructure and the people are all working with fare wages.

10)All seniors on Social Security who have contributed to the system shall receive a 3% increase every year.

11)The Congress, Senate and all federal employees will only receive raises by vote of the people. All major legislation shall be put before the people for a vote at state & federal levels.

12)Restore the Constitutional Republic.

My friends that is just some of the issues here on America that the people want to see happen. Over time I will be sharing with you on how we can do that. So stay tuned subscribe to my channel or follow me on Wikinut and let’s make America Great Again.

As of the latest reports from the New York Times Donald Trump has clinched wins in Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia, and the votes are still coming in with the Donald having a good standing in the other states.

People at this point in time I would appeal to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich & my good buddy Ben Carson to withdraw from the race and let’s all get behind Donald Trump and make this country great again. If we all stop the bickering amongst us and put our full effort into supporting the best candidate Donald Trump we can and will succeed in restoring our Constitutional Republic.

My friends that is all for this evening get out there and share the good news and vote Donald Trump, God Bless America!!!

Until the next time bye bye.


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