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Death is unavoidable. Live long enough and you will bury someone that you care about. The recent death of a longtime friend in a tragic accident left me to ponder the true meaning of "death is the only guarantee in life."

There Isn't A Good Time for the News

Those calls in the middle of the night are never good. Except for the occasional idiot that calls just to talk about nothing or wants you to join their party, these calls signal bad news.

It is not better to get this particular call in the light of day. No matter how well rested you are you soon become overwhelmed with exhaustion and an inability to sleep. With the advances in modern technology and social networking sites it is possible that a missed call could mean you find out in a news feed. While not intended this is possible and painful when it happens.

Shock Sets In

There is always a sense of shock and disbelief when hearing of someone's passing. It does not matter how young or old. They could have been involved in an accident or went peacefully in their sleep after being sick for a long time. No matter how it happens there is the initial shock of not being able to believe that they are gone.

The good are always too young to die no matter how old they were in years. The emptiness that is left when you know that good has left this earthly world is one that has no words. In this moment we realize our own mortality and it scares us more than we care to admit.

We get angry. Polite and proper or not we get angry that they are gone. We even find the time to get angry at them for "leaving" us as if they had a choice. This moment of selfishness as we see it is natural. Whether you admit or not if you have had someone pass away you have felt it. The fact that there will never be another chance to make your feelings known to them runs through your mind. Believing in heaven means that you simply think that the chances on this Earth have passed but you will eventually be reunited on the other side which helps the pain begin to dull somewhat.

Shock returns- The time begins to pass and arrangements are made. The announcements are made bringing it all into focus and making it seem a bit more real. That is until the day that you have the service. Typically there is a viewing before the funeral service, memorials have pictures but viewings (visitations) have the one that you lost there for you to see one last time.

Asleep, We Wish

Great care is taken in the presentation of the body, since that is all that is left. The soul leaves the body to go to a destination only known to it. Whether it heaven, hell or limbo it is no longer inside that shell creating the person we once knew. Still we feel the need to see them one last time. A child being an innocent untouched by the cruel reality of life will sometimes innocently say "it's asleep,"(Autistic children might say this as we are all walking furniture to them) "he's asleep," or "she's asleep" because to them that is how they perceive it. We have them fixed up to look peaceful and yes there is the affect of sleeping.

Wake Up! We wish we could wake up to find it was all a bad dream. As we see them that last time looking as if they are asleep we wish they would wake up to tell us that it was all there idea of a joke. The services bring tears to our eyes no matter how much we have cried already and we find ourselves powerless to stop them. When the feeling of being unable to breath hits it is as if we can feel our hearts shattering as they take a piece of it to heaven with them. We then come to the realization that even the worst of nightmares would not entail that much suffering and we know for sure there is no waking up to find it is not real. It is now more real than we ever wanted anything to be.

Stop This Ride! I Wanna Get Off!

The world does not stop when those we cherish leave us and our hearts begin to break. We want the world to stop turning and time to move backwards but that will not happen. We each grieve in our own way in our own time. Broken hearts take time to mend and some never completely heal but hopefully our memories will see us through. Memories remind us just how blessed we were to have those that have passed in our lives even if it was only for a short while.


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