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War effects all of us we all we all want peace The Lord, Christ is the reality
we all need to face. Reach your hand out to him when you are ready,


The war not fought is the war not faced.
Avoiding the issues and traveling light;
skipping the details and overlooking
the obvious,
no weapons,
no strategy
no addressed emotions,
no organized thoughts;
no inner peace.
The war not won
is the war of not
facing reality.


The waves say, I
will continue ...
as crests topple over
each other.
Every drop of rain
is absorbed .
Just remember.
I will continue.
I will continue
forever as the tide
in the Spirit,
with the hand of Jesus
holding me.


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author avatar Vernazoa
I write for pleasure and have seen good and bad times just like most people. I am a twin, I have a twin brother and I also have two lovely children.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
17th Sep 2013 (#) very good to see you my friend...!-:o)-such a powerful so precious given by god- often it can be so very hard- sometimes so painful- yet worth each struggle - lesson learned and so well shared by your wonderful pen ...looking forward to more such beautiful shares and wisdom ...Vernazoa-I will be reading- and thank you my friend...:0)

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
17th Sep 2013 (#)

What word did you leave out of "The war not won
is the _______ of not facing reality." ?
I get strong emotions from this piece, but not a sense of direction -- what actions, if any, are you calling on leaders to take? Or are you just wanting (which is perfectly valid) someone to FEEL?
If the latter, then well done.

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