Reasons Why People Dont Use There Gift, Talent and Abilities (Part 1)

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Though we all came naked into the world but not empty
God gave us gift, talent and abilities as we came into the world
if we must use it we must use it well because it is the best resources God ever gave to mankind....

Reasons Why People Dont Use There Gift Talent and Abilities (Part 1)

Reasons Why People Dont Usr Their Gift, Talent anf Abilities
(Part 1)

There is one truth under the sun and it has nothing to do with our background, skin color, ascent, nationality, race it is a simple but profound truth and this is the truth "Everyone i mean every single living soul on earth has gift, talent and abilities built up inside of them".

When i was a little boy i never believe in it not until now as i have grown up to face the reality of this simple truth on the street of life. I grew up with the mindset of Some people are more important in God sight than others so because of this some people are also gifted and others are not what a believe but thats not true we all are important in God sight and we all are gifted with talent and different abilities in us. In this series i will be sharing on why peoole dont use use the gift, talent and abilities in them.

Out gift, talent and abilities is an inbuilt resources God has given to us all no one is without his or her portion according to our assignment and personality. " Though we all came naked into the world but not empty".

My scripture bases for it is Matthew 25:14-30
It is very important for you to know that you have a gift, talent and abilities in you and you will give account for it to the one who has given it to you when the day of accountability is fully come.
The following are reasons why people dont use their Gift, Talent and Abilities

1. Fear 2Timothy 1:7

Fear is an evil spirit from the devil to prevent and put people in captivity. Fear prevent poeple from applying faith in whatever is been done most people are living hostage to fear. Fear is also a weapon of the enemy to fight humanity and restrict them. The fear of what would happen if they use it and fail, what will people say, what would become of them etc its not about what would happen, what would people say the most important thing is that it must be used. When we use out gift, talent and abilities and fail it doesnt mean we shouldnt use it again or we are not called to use it or we cant use it its all part of the package of using it. We must not also forget that whatever God has given unto us is to glorify him and he can glorify us among men as we live on earth here. We must never allow the spirit of fear tie us down and paralyze us from our effectiveness whatever we are afraid of if only we boldly approach it we would realize that there isnt really something to be afraid of. As you read rise above your fears and be effective. If you believe the truth that you have gift, talent and abilities then use it and glorify your heaveny Father in Heaven

2. Hidding your talent. Luke 19:12,15

When we are afraid we hid ourselves but God has not created us to hid oir talent we must bring it out we must come out of our shell and make it seen and know. We must not hid our talent because there is a consequence for it hidding our talent will not make it known to others and it benefit will not be enjoyed by others. God gave talent so we can make way for us and others can benefit from it. God does not want you to hide your talent he truly want you to use it make him proud of you today by using yours as i use mine. Come out of oblivion into reality come out of darkness into light that all men may see you and your works and glorify your father which is in heaven.


Gift, Talent And Abilities

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author avatar brendamarie
4th Aug 2015 (#)

great article

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author avatar Solomon Sunday
4th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks brenda

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author avatar Solomon Sunday
4th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks brenda

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