Reasons why people don't use there Gift, Talent and Abilities ( Part 3 )

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We have something that makes us unique in our creation. the gift in us in a key to be creative in life
We have gift and a mandate to use it and use it well

Reasons why people don't use there Gift, Talent and Abilities ( Part 3 )

Reasons why people dont use there Gift, Talent and Abilities (Part 3)

Matthew 25:14-30

There are always reasons why things are done and likewise there are also reasons why things are not been done. In this article have been sharing reasons why people dont use there gift, talent and abilities and the same reasons is what prevent peoole from moving forward. God has given us something to do. He has given everybody a calling or talent. Some poeple were given more talent than the others but however it may be we all must use what God has given us. Some many people have died without using using there talent. The grave is full of untap and unuse talent making the grave expensive. The text above is about a master and his three servant who he gave talent to as he was travelling expecting them to use it and gain more two used theirs and the other one didnt with an unreasonable excuse that he was scared. This is the same reason why most people now still dont use there talent and it will always be if it is not overcomed.

In the previous part have share four reasons. Here are other reasons why people simply dont use there talent.

Matthew 25:25
Despising the smallness of your gift.

I believe the man in the above chapter who refuse to use his gift despised the smallness of his gift. When you despise anything it automatically becomes useless to you it usefulness becomes invalid to you. Perhaps he thought it was just too small for him and that he was too big to use something of such little value and this evil thought prevented him form been useful to his master and others and he also couldn't benefit from it.

Whatever God has given you is for your benifit too not only for other to enjoy.
In our world anything that is small is despised. This is not so in Gods kingdom we must respect and value no matter how small it may appear. Its not about the size its about what can be done with it. I try not to despise anything because you dont know what tomorrow entails.

Today if you have been despising people, things or even yourself i want to inform you again that it is not good and its the work of demons to make you inactive and useless in your society and also to God. You must use your gift no matter how small it is. "Small thing has it own significant" never forget this

Acts 12:3
The apostle paul in this text is admonishing everyone not to think of themselve more higher than they ought to. When you begin to allow yourself feel too important it means pride is creeping in mind you what do you think you have? Who do you think you are? Dont forget it is only by Gods grace that you are what you are and possess what you possess. So take no pride in it rather give God the full glory and submit yourself for service with you gift.

Some people might just feel to big and too most important to do certain task that require there gift. They feel demeaned by being asked to do certain jobs.

Every good gift comes from God and not from the Devil. I know of people with great singing talent who started singing in church to glorify God the giver of the gift and also to edify the saint with there sweet anointed music but at a point pride set in and were taken away by fame into the world now they no longer sing to glorify God they sing to glorify themselves and there lust. They feel to big to sing in church again. Mercy

One day a young boy who is into music asked me can the Devil give you inspiration to sing or even write songs what a shock.. What a question i smiled and look back at him and simply told him the truth i answered his question with another question like Jesus would always do when he was on earth and asked question by the Pharisees.

This was our conversation

Me: The gift to sing who is it from
Boy: He replied God with strength
Me: So i further asked if you were God would you force people to use the gift you have given them the way you want
Boy: He replied again no i wouldnt i would allow them to decide how they want to use it but as long as i get recognize in it as the giver

So i told him you have just answered your question right there the Devil can also inspire you to write songs too just as God cannot force you to use your singing gift the way he wants. We must not over estimate our abilities in using our gift. You must be ready to use your gift when its required and where necessary. The best place to use your gift is to use it in such a way that will give glory to the giver of it.

I pray that after you have read this article may it affect your mind and give you a new mindset on using your gift...

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