Reasons why people don't use there gift, talent and abilities (Part 2)

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We where created to be useful
the benefit of our existence stands to be questioned when our usefulness becomes invalid

Reasons why people don't use there gift, talent and abilities (Part 2)

Reasons Why People Dont Use There Gift, Talent and Abilities
(Part 2)

Matthew 25:14-30

Previously on this article i spoke about just two reasons why people are unable to use what God has bless them with i wont call it ignarance because not all are unaware i would boldly say 80% of the world population are aware of this simple truth the 20% left are aware but cant really explain it to themselves what it is all about all they know is i can do this and i cant do this naturally or artificially.

It is Gods will that we all use our gift, talent and abilities. In this episode i will be sharing another two i want to take it step by step so every reader who read will have more time to digest and meditate on them. I pray that at the end of it all you will find every reason to start using your gift, talent and abilities for your own good and the good of others.

How would you feel if you have a child and bought an expensive gift for him or her and it was hidden in the drawer and you never saw it been used?. Today this is the same way God feels whenever we dont use what he has given us. I spoke about Fear and Hidding our talent as the reasons why people dont use their gift, talent and abilities
In this episode i would be sharing something different.

3. Others 1 Timothy 4:12

It is true that one of the reason we must use our gift, talent and abilities is also because of others so they can benefit from it but also on the other hand they can also hinder you from using it this is why Apostle paul instructed Timothy not to allow anyone look down on him. Some poeple live their life base on what people say, think or want let me be more real to you if you are living your life on this you will not live your life to the fullest and will not fulfill Gods plan for your life years ago i use to live mine on it but one day the Lord rebuke me since then i made a quick and sharp turn from that horizon im not saying dont listen to advice but you must also pray for Gods will to be done concerning your life and what you are doing or about to do. People can talk to discourage you they can talk to despise you they can also talk you out of your blessing as Christians our life should not be base on others but on God because no one has your life blueprint save God and God alone He must be the author and finisher of your faith. Hebrews 12:1-2.
I quite remember years ago i was almost talk out of my blessing i enjoy today but i never yielded to it because i really felt God peace in my heart for what i was aiming at so i went fully into it and to the Glory of God today i have no regret its all about Gods will for your life. Never allow anyone prevent you from using your gift, talent and abilities

4. You Exodus 3:10-13

Like prophet moses sometimes people despise themselves even before others do to them which is the most dangerous one even if others despise you you should not despise yourself take a little break and answer this question yourself if others despise you and you on the other hand despise yourself who will encourage you?. You are the best person to encourage yourself.
2 Samuel 30:1-6 King David had to encourage in himself the people where ready to stone him others are earnestly waiting to stone you you can also afford to stone yourself too. There are people with low self esteem and also inferiority complex if you are such then you really need to step up and boldly do what right before God and man with what God has given you. I use to be a victim of both low self esteem and inferiority complex but with help of the Holy Spirit and the teaching of the word of God i overcame though there are still some trait lingering inside of me and sometime it want to take over me again but i believe i have overcome them all. I use to be very afraid of losing or failing so because of this i never try to attempt anything because i never wanted to be laughed at but thats not what life is all about if you really want to succeed you must be ready to be laughed at and despised and discouraged even by love ones and so called love ones. Prophet Jeremiah also had same problem but God encouraged him to encourage himself because you are the best person to encourage yourself
Today rise and arise again do not allow anyone despise you and what you have. What do you have? What has God given you? Use it and use it well never forget one day you will give account to him... God bless you and strengthen you in Jesus Name......


Reasons Why People Dont Use There Gift, Talent And Abilities Part 1

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