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Hello, all of you!
I'll share the secrets of natural skin whitening that I've done in my life for you.
There are many ways, and advice, so that you can use, do whites up, such as the use of milk, egg whites, and lemon juice. You can follow the instructions below, to have white skin naturally.

The first way

The first way: Limit exposure of the skin to sunlight you should use sunscreen to protect skin from ultraviolet rays. Moisturizer and beauty products with SPF-20 index (sun protector reason) is enough, lower or higher depending on conditions of outdoor activities that apply.
Do you, pay attention: the SPF indicator is usually printed on the packaging of products sunscreen. For example, the morning sun (from 6pm - 8am) can help you Enhance vitamin D, without making your skin black.

The second way

The second way: Use lemon juice. Lemon juice has citric and ascorbic both of which supply vitamin C and skin whitening effect. You can follow the following steps, use lemon juice to lighten the skin:
+ Cut lemon in half, remove the seeds, then rub gently on the face, leave it for about thirty minutes, and rinse. Please repeat the above until white gradually.
+ Lemon can also be mixed with yogurt, then apply to the face within thirty minutes each day, which acts as bleach.
+ Lemon juice and egg whites mixed in equal proportion, then boil the mixture to low heat until condensed. You let in a small jar and keep in the fridge. This mixture to apply to face and neck, during thirty minutes a day, Your skin will become brighter every day when you apply.
+ You can also mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with honey, honey softens the skin and good antimicrobial. Use this mixture on the skin and gently massage in thirty minutes a day, skin lightening and acne very effectively.

The third way

The third way: Using fresh milk. Fresh milk is one good option when you want to lighten the skin. In Milk contains lactic acid, which acts reduce pigmentation of the skin, your skin gradually white. Some using the following formula:
+ Soak a piece of lemon on fresh milk within thirty minutes, then dab of milk on the skin, and gently rub, left overnight and wash the skin thoroughly in the morning.
+ Pour the milk into a bowl, beat, goat milk, or buttermilk, the milk has many good elements to the skin, making the skin bright and smooth. Take a soft cloth dipped in milk, squeezed slightly dry carefully and apply to face. When dry towel, again dipped into, the bowl of milk, squeeze dry and slightly further. Continue to apply many times, in about thirty minutes, then rinse. You should do every day, you will see his face white gradually over several weeks.
Just the patience you do every day, my guide, you will have a smooth skin and bright white after a month of application. Let's make every day offline! Appointment to see you in my next article. I love you guys!!!

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