Red, White and Black

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A look at USA military propaganda but in a different light. Speaking some of the values and belief of patriotic American's but referring to something completely different.

Red, White and Black

(Firstly, this is NOT a patriotic poem, it is simply meant to APPEAR as one. The real message being conveyed is slowly revealed and finally at the end, if you haven't already understood it, makes it clear with a single sentence. My forth ever poem and first one directly targeting a country.)

What must I do?
My parents spoke with conviction and pride,
How I should be proud of our people.
How this is truly the greatest country,
That anything else is deceitful.
For every person abroad,
Knew this was a nation under God.

How will we win?
We live in the greatest of nations,
That our strength will grant victory.
All men have rights, our very foundation.
That together we will write history.
Their wars leave them divided,
But we stand together united.

Why must I go?
They speak of bravery and resolve,
Quickly placing a gun in my hands.
'Upon these values does the world revolve'
And sent me to a foreign land.
Our efforts must increase,
This is a war for peace.

Why did I fight?
They say for food and freedom,
That victory comes with sacrifice.
The people agree with our reason,
We fight for peace and paradise.
With that, I marched to their land.
With that, I killed a man.

Why did I kill?
I remember the house and the family,
how the man taught his kids to fight.
Our great soldiers surrounded bravely,
And I set the house alight.
Oh how I still hear the screams,
They forever haunt my dreams.

Why I am a hero?
When I got home oh the people cheered,
How I fought so bravely for our rights.
They all assumed that I had volunteered,
To kill during those winter nights.

They all proudly wave their flags,
The street lined with red, white and black.
They relieved me of my dog tags,
And happily welcomed me back.

They placed a medal upon my chest,
Oh how I was a model for our children.
That our country was truly blessed,
That my voice will be heard by a billion.

That god above must even admire,
How hard I fought for the Führer.

(Before you post angrily about how the USA is nothing like Nazi Germany, this wasn't the intent of the poem. It was more about looking at the propaganda and how easily manipulated it is. Nazi Germany also believed they were doing gods work, fighting for freedom and helping the world.)

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