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As a human I have thoughts and ideas of how the actions and reactions of 9/11 has effected humanity. These are some

13 Years Gone By

In The Beginning
As today moves on, I am in reflection of what happened to humanity 13 years ago. This wasn’t just an American Experience, this was a human experience. The tragedy that happened in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania had an effect on humanity as a whole. It showed us the darkness of evil and it promised us we would never be able to feel the same. Not the same in any way, our peace of mind was gone, our feeling of safety was gone, our idea of goodness in an instant, gone. What happened after that day was an outpouring of love, of kindness of people who wanted so desperately to help in any way they could, searching in piles of rubble for people they didn’t even know, an amazing outpouring of love and support for those who was feeling such loss and despair. Yet the tragedy of the moments that led up to that love is what we as humans really remember.
What Was To Become
When we think of 9/11 we think of the ugliness of it, we feel the sense of anger and regret and utter distain from it. Did the evil that created it win? Not because they took down America’s sense of worth, or killed thousands of people or showed us our vulnerabilities, but because they took away our faith in humanity. Yes, in a great way they did and in that way they will continue to do so. Innocence was lost that day on so many levels, we woke up to devastation and we never found our peace of mind because of it. Since that day, we find ourselves looking over our shoulders at people who are different than us, we find ourselves not trusting our neighbors because their faith might not fall in line with ours, we find ourselves questioning our government for the decisions they made and are still making because of it. We look the other way when innocents are killed to this day because of it, they get what they deserve an eye for an eye that is what they always say. We blamed everything and everyone because they let it happen, our government, our allies, our religions, our intelligence people and finally each other. We have let ourselves be consumed by the very thing we were pissed at, hatred. Because it was hatred that created this, it was and is as simple as that. When society’s lose their lack of compassion and choose to let ideas and philosophies separate them instead of joining them, that society is destined to fail. I am not giving those responsible for that tragedy the credit for being smart enough to know that, as we all know they were looking to only kill, but I am giving us the responsibility of knowing better than to continue to allow it to happen.
What Was Learned
What did I learn on that day 13 years ago, watching this tragedy unfold right before my very eyes? I learned a deep sense of knowing that I had to start living each day as if I had no other days ahead, I learned that in doing so that I had to share love and light to all that I came in contact with, I learned that my life as an American was so small in comparison to being human and living with the knowledge that with that came a huge responsibility. The responsibility of creating a world where tragedies such as this one never happened again. I realized that if I didn’t start to have compassion for people or learn to try and understand them, that my lack of understanding would turn into energy that would consume my very thought of who and what they were. I would stop seeing humans and continue to see irritations. I learned that no matter what, Americans would move out of the ashes and into the future, but what that future was would be up to us. The evil that created this didn’t take away our sense of pride of being Americans they added fuel to that, but our pride has come with a cost and that cost has been great.
Emotions of Today
Today I honor all of the people that died 13 years ago today, I honor those that risked their lives to save them, I honor all of those who tried beyond hope to find those who were lost and I honor all of those who lost those they loved. I honor those that have died since; fighting for the justice of it all and those who have lost those that have done so. I honor God for loving us no matter what and giving us our tomorrows, and I honor each and every one of you for being human and traveling this journey with me. Lets find our better tomorrows and rise from those ashes of hatred, we owe that to those that lost their lives because of it and due to it and we owe that to each other.


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