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Reflections about life, love marriage and many more...


We all have goals, dreams, and aspirations. Wouldn’t it be miserable to be with someone who didn’t support them?
The frustrations and insecurities that derive from a spouse not being supportive can bring someone to the point of depression.
It would be hard to be with someone who doesn’t support what you are passionate about, and I would encourage marrying someone who is.
Be open and honest about what you feel God has called you to do in life, even during the first few dates.
If they can’t support your dreams, I wouldn’t allow them to support you in marriage.

- as for my experience, i have been left alone twice for the reason of self improvement and self worth of my partner...i work had but that is always unnoticed
if someone is not or will never be contented...i admit i should have done better but i never lose drive or interest in finding ideas to make our life more comfortable.
any opportunities or work that comes knocking down our door,it seems that all that matters is her aspirations,plans,goal which is im not even in and understandably
i would be the one reaching it for her only...ive been let down twice,my interest my dreams crushed when i asked help from never came just because she doesnt want to.
everything is superficial and artificial,from the encouraging and inspiring words everyday because i know this is her way to get to me again to go for whatever she wants.
The second I said, “I do” was the second I vowed to put my wife before myself.
I can’t imagine being in a relationship with someone who only thought of themselves, and frankly that’s the opposite of what marriage is supposed to be.
You need to find someone who is willing to think about you and your relationship with one another before they think about how situations will affect them alone.
Once you’re married, no one should continue living a life that resembles a bachelor or bachelorette.
- complaining inspite of everything, the infinite nagging and telling other people that is not involved and cannot even help us that life is miserable with me...
never considering the good times and comfort we've blessed we are...sleepless nights,stress,selling myself to other people just to provide food on the table while youre busy doing your own thing...
attending and investing time and energy on things that is useless just because you have a condition...watching hours straight of nonsense teledramas...
playing hours and hours of games in your cellphone...perhaps that makes you happy and all i want is for you to be happy...have you ever considered my happiness?
if yes then thank you...sorry for faking that i'm happy everytime you try to please me thinking what you are doing melts my heart...i have outgrown you and have known you deep inside...
while you don't barely know anything about me anymore...i should have given more but atleast i always do my best of what i am and what i have rather than being selfish of what i have to offer...
as your husband i consider you and our relationship more important than me...all i want you to think of me first atleast rather than those useless things you usually do...
i am miserable,broken,unhappy because of you.

Love should not be conditional, transactional, or partial. Don’t settle for someone who only loves you when they find it convenient.
This goes beyond just saying “I love you.” The broad spectrum of love includes the much needed emotional support, physical touch, encouragement, and selflessness.
Saying, “I love you” is great… But viewing love as a verb is what will forever keep your marriage strong and healthy.
I have loved you inspite of everything...i would lay down my life for you if there's a chance...but please i'm slowly dying inside...cheating on me since day 1 till now that were married isn't healthy for me
i hope this will change and i am also ready claiming lives in my own hands just because i love you so much...


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Mar 2014 (#)

I hope it is not about your life; this will not lead to a happy union as one party is unconcerned about the other - siva

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