Regeneration of the earth

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You know that feeling that you just need to drop everything and get out for a while? Well it's Saturday morning, and although I've enjoyed my work for the day, I suddenly just feel like getting out into the outdoors to get fresh air and think.

Regeneration of the earth

So, onto the quadbike with Majesty I go, and we're out into the open, driving into the wild, watching the scorched earth fly by all around us.

I thought to go out for only half an hour, but once I'm out there, I'm in a different world in my head and time just flies by.

Far away somewhere, we stop close to an electric pylon. We walk towards it. Years ago there was a huge fire too, and I guess it's from the heat underneath that these things unloaded every now and then, with a white flash that could be seen miles away.
In fact, the week after it happened, one of my school teachers asked me what were those flashes that lit up the sky, and I then spent some time intriguing a bunch of fellow 15 year old classmates with a dramatic story of a fire that scorched the earth, and blew up those electric towers! Well they didn't blow up; the teacher then said he thinks it's when the electricity unloads into the air or into the earth. Somehow the fire from underneath causes that. This causes a blinding white flash that can be seen even from space.

When I find myself again, Majesty and I are standing almost underneath the pylon. These things have always attracted me. These specific ones are impressive works of arts too, with their particular shapes. I know you get some ugly pylons that really just soil the land, but then you get these ones with this particular friendly shape, that looks like somebody literally designed an intricate work of steel art. I don't think you get pylons like these anymore; they're probably too costly to make. Nowadays everything is made cheaply and sterile.

Well, I suppose we should be getting back home. On our way there, what was that I just saw flashing past us? Was that one green sprout here among all this black?

Wait, there's another one! I start to drive slower. With long intervals inbetween, there I can see them! Single sprouts of green grass growing out of the black.

Wow, that was really quick! I knew the earth would regenerate itself, but it's only been two weeks since this fire! Looks like the earth has developed its own culture of hurry-hurry-hurry!

Ah, beautiful! There's more green grass!

I look around at the world. From horizon to horizon, it's burned pitch black. In two weeks is my guess; this whole place is going to be as green as I've probably never seen it in my life! There won't be any of the old dead grass here to veil the green sprouts. This place is going to look like a green paradise!

We arrive home and I blow my nose. What in blazes??? I didn't even notice, but it seems the wind blew ten bucketsful of soot into my nose.

I look in the mirror and see I desperately need to wash my face, because I look like a chimney sweep. Whookey, I must say I did not notice that the wind is that dirty. It looks like we have been driving through a cloud of volcano ash, judging by my appearance.

Oh well, I feel as lucky, as lucky can be.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
20th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar BNelson
21st Oct 2015 (#)

Sounds like a lot of fun!

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