Relative Truth of world as incidents happened in Mahabharat( WAR)

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Attached to Truthfulness, honesty also can make one sinful if it is against the will of lord.Mahabharat happen betweeen two armies namely Pandavas(Pious) and Kauravas (demoniac) parties

Karnas so called Honesty (one of warrior from Kaurava side)

Karna (one demoniac king) who was fighting from Kaurava side even after knowing that pandavas are Right and bless by Supreme personality of Godhead KRISHNA. his death is sure if he fight against them, also after asked by Supreme personality of Godhead KRISHNA to not support Kauravas he went against the will of lord and for teh sake of his friendship with kauravas, after hearing one may say he was Good but the same person in other incident when battel was started on initial days he did not fought only ***** (actually this he should not have done at such crucial time) because he felt bad when commander in chief of the army (Bhishma- The one of best Warrior) Kaurava humiliated him by saying "sutaputra " (son of chariot driver) as he was deserved this. there fore as soon as his EGO was heart he didn't fight, at that time he didn't give importance to friendship and loyality towards Kauravas. a true person never lives his beloved friends in any circumstances.

Truthfullness of Yudhisthir Maharaj (Main King of pandava party)

once in battelfield Yudhisthir maharaj was asked by Supreme personality of Godhead KRISHNA to say one sentence in front of one of the strong warriors from Kauravas side (Dronacarya) in order to make him distress so that one of the warrior (dhrustadyumna) from pandavas side can kill him as it was destined by Supreme personality of Godhead KRISHNA earlier.but yudhistir maharaj hesitated to follow instruction for some time (but later he followed) because he was very much attach to speaking only truth. this behaviour is pointed out by acaryas and suggested devotees to follow Supreme personality of Godhead KRISHNA instructions.


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