Religion: A Way of Life

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We all believe in Our religion , Everyone have own religion in the world, we know that, Everyone take proud of his religion , religion is honor, religion is most important in our life,

Religion: A Way of Life

Is the religion actually a reality? Does there exist any direct relation of the religion with the death and birth as well as the development and destruction of the mankind in his life? Is the religion actually a genuine call of the human nature or is it merely a matter of choice? Is the mankind eventually accountable to the most superpower might? Is the religion any way relevant at a time when science has already oriented the mankind a new dimension of the life?

The present lives of the intellectual ones, flooded with such above questions apart from numerous other questions like them, have been rendered quite restless and writhing. Such questions of contemplations are terribly spiraling for the mankind; now from among the people who have been tumbled down by such coiling questions, whoever has adopted the rational and intellectual angle of vision in the life has indeed considered the religion as an inherent call of the human nature and consequently accepted the genuine religious path of progress. But, alas, those who have resorted to the ways of arrogance, rigidity, assumptions and hypothesis to decipher the religion have indeed turned out to be on the retreating path and got further plunged into such turmoil that they can't access to the path of any escape. So, communism, secularism etc. are some of the illustrations of such religious turmoil state of the people. Even some have presented the religion merely as a matter of ‘Humanity and Pity’ and as such they have taught to confine the religion merely to the parameters of rules and regulations in the life.

In reality, such a state of ambiguity regarding the religion arises due to narrow mindedness as well as incomplete knowledge. Actually, religion is not so ordinary ideology as the people at large regard it to be. The current and prevalent school of thought of the religion itself is fundamentally defective which encourages the misconceptions pertaining to the religion.

No sooner the term 'Religion' is uttered than certain sort of thoughts do emerge in the mind of the people, and subsequently the grip of misconceptions confine the cycle of such religious thoughts to a certain limit that have emerged in the people's mind. From the reality angle of view of the religion, religion is such a relation between the creator and the man that serves to be a base for sustenance as well as the moral system of the human life; but today people consider the religion to be nothing but the bundle of certain traditions only.

Even certain people regard the relation of religion between the culture and life to be a phenomenon of surprise because according to them religion means nothing but to abstain from the cultural course of life. Often we do happen to listen many intellectual ones that the ideology of religion and that of the politics is quite poles apart and as such we should not manipulate the religion by intermingling it with the politics! From such ridiculous version of the intellectuals, we can measure as to what extent their views about religion have been confined in their minds. But, actually it is a fact that the religion is a God-granted constitution for the life of the people which does operate on all the phenomenons of the human life.

This God-Granted constitution does embody within itself ‘a well Balanced Social Order’, ‘Fair Economic Mechanism’, ‘Civil-Criminal and International Legal System’ as well as ever changing scientific approach apart from the day-to day course of life cycle of the people. Physical element is a part and parcel of the religion itself and, therefore, never to be departed from the religion. Nothing but religion offers all the satisfactory solutions of all the alarming and serious questions of the human being in his life and not the materialistic assumptions.

Criticizing the process of evolving the religion, a European Psychologist, Froid writes: “Human life proceeds through 3 clear stages, being (1) An era of Indiscipline (2) An Era of Religion (3) An Era of Science. Today, it is the era of science and as such the matters of religion stand senseless.” So, the demarcating perception of Froid between religion and science does indicate that the concept of Froid on religion was extremely defective and confined to a narrow range!

There happens to prevail a wide gulf between the religion and science because of the reason that the religion has been regarded to be nothing but merely a bundle of certain believes. The seeds of conflict between religion and science were ploughed in Europe. The priests of the church behaved very grossly with the intellectuals who had established the scientific doctrines at that time. It is because that the then scientists proved certain Christian believes to be wrong in Europe which was not digested by those selfish churchmen there. And, therefore, the then priests annoyed the scientists by multiple ways of harassment even to the extent that certain scientists were even subjected to death even upon very negligible grounds.

Consequently, the post-incident discussion of such horrible atrocities on them rendered the learned section of the society very restless and helpless in Europe. It is because that the then gentlemen and learned section of the people always could not help thinking as to what sort of religion this is which is not ready even to accept the scientific explorations and experiments also, instead it is strongly revolted. Hence, the confrontation and vice of the priests as well as the churchmen culminated into the establishment of a disposition that it is impossible to strike any reconciliation between the religion and science.

The scientific imagination regarding the religion is very much vast. According to the scientific approach, in each and every era the primary requirements of the mankind as well as the human nature always remained to be the same and uniform. Now this scientific notion does by itself reflect to us that in each and every era one and the same God-given religion has been descended for the resolution of all problems of the mankind and as such there can never be multiple religions. Our natural disposition itself transmits a message to us that if there is a singularity of God then the religion of God also must always be one.

Now, which one is a God-given religion? Perceptibly, only that can be the God-given religion which is not a religion in its rampant sense but serves to be a life constitution. Only that can be the God-given religion which is abreast in all the eras of life to serve the comprehensive guidance and shoot out all the mobile challenges of the people in his life easily. We can access to this reply if we think neutrally about this issue and it needs just and honest study on it.


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author avatar WOGIAM
16th Dec 2014 (#)

Religion is the avenue through which i practice and classify my faith and beliefs, it is important to me and part of my reality.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
17th Dec 2014 (#)

Indeed it is an important part of our lives to have a faith.

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author avatar Abdul Batin Bey
24th Jun 2015 (#)

I really like this and I agree that one cannot divorce religious beliefs from other aspects of life. Life is a totality

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