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Islam is a wonderful religion to teach us respect to every religion.


Islam is a Arabic word and its meaning is ''Peace''.In religion of Islam we will fine so many intresting things which given us a vision to how to live in a society. It explain about what is the meaning of respect to each other . Islam is give a new idea to grow ourself in this world.
The concept of Islam in present world is so different but when you will start to learn about islam you will fine that this religion give everything like
-Power of women.
-Importance of education.
-Equal rights.
-Teach a simple but meaningful life.

Power Of Women;-
In the light of islam man and women has is equal rights.Women
also get education like man they express their self their idea their thoughts in a correct direction.

Improtance Of Education;-
Islam gave the importance of education in our ''Holy Book Quran'' teaches the every way to stand in their world we have so many muslim scientists with their innumerable discoveries and wrote countless books about medicine, surgery, physics, chemistry, philosophy, astrology, geometry and various other feilds. ).Here are the name of some famous scientists.
Abu Nasr Al-Farabi (872 – 950).
Al-Battani (858 – 929).
Ibn Sina (980 – 1037).
Ibn Battuta (1304 – 1369).

Islam give a lesson to respect to each other it does't matter that you belong to a higher class or a lower class . Everyone are has equal rights , equal benefits and equal oppertunities.

Equal Rights;-
Islam gave the equal right to every communities whether its ChristianBuddhism and Judaism.All communities have equal rights to perform their prayers and their cultural activities.

Islam teach us to love each other if we love and care each other the world become a heaven.

Teach A Simple But MeaningFul Life;-
Islam give a lesson that spent in your life to others. Live a simple life but it always worth for others .Always present to help each other.

Islam not only teaches us the way to how to live in this world but also told that if we do a good things in this world we deserve a ''Heaven''after our death.


Light, Worship To God

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