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Regaining the ability to think for yourself and use evidence you see and hear for yourself


Stop what you are doing.

Shut off the Radio and the Television and Think.
You do remember how to Think, right?

That is when you use your brain. Your own brain Not what they say on the BBC or CNN, not what they want you to accept on Fox News as reality, but what you personally know, feel, experience.


You don’t know if a plane crashed on the other side of the world.
Yeah, you heard it on the radio. Yeah, it’s on the ‘Net, but this is all hearsay.
It may or may not be true.
No plane might have crashed.
It might not have been a crash. You don’t know.

Right now you are sitting there, mouth twisted with the attitude of; oh another one of those conspiracy theorists; because you have been programmed to respond to anyone who doesn’t toe ‘the standard view’ as a deviant.

You are programmed.
You are programmed to believe that anything you are told through any ‘official’ or ‘reliable’ source is absolutely true.
You are willing to swear an oath it is true. But you can’t.
You can’t because it is ‘hearsay’.
It is just as verifiable as Jack saying John said..., when John is not there.
How do you know, for a fact that is true?
You don’t.
It is hearsay.
It is inadmissible.

Hence, you repeat what you hear on the radio, what you are told as if it is true. And you are taught that ‘Free Thinking’ is to be ridiculed.

Coconut Oil

For thousands of years, the use of coconut oil was standard. It was easy to make, had a number of applications. There was no downside to coconut oil.

About thirty years ago, 'Scientists’ in America, decided that coconut oil was bad for you. There were lots of 'Studies’ from respectable Laboratories which confirmed that coconut oil was bad for your health; with a list of dangers.

The same Studies by the same Scientists done in various laboratories proved that Vegetable Oil was good for you and that it should replace all the other oils.

Everyone believed this.
Well, almost everyone.

That is because there are a few people alive on Earth today who have not been Borged. A few people who think for themselves and don’t dive into 'Scientific Evidence’ when they know better.

Mind Control

I can see you smirking again; who knows better than scientists!
If Scientific Evidence says that Coconut Oil is bad for you and Vegetable Oil is good, accept that without a blink.

Whatever you are told is good, bad, healthy, unhealthy, believe without doubt, without question.


About ten years ago ‘They’, (whomever They are) determined that Coconut Oil was good for you. That you should use it because of....(and they supply a list).

The same Mind Dead morons who stopped using coconut oil because they were told it was bad for them are unlikely to go back to it because the price of imported vegetable oil is that much cheaper than locally produced commercial coconut oil.

Free Thought

Now there were people who didn’t listen to American Scientists. They ate the way they always ate, made coconut oil the way their Great Grandmother’s taught them, and shut off the radio and didn’t watch much Television.

They dealt with what they could prove empirically. Hence they looked at Miss Agnes, who was ninety nine years old, not at Miss Doris, who was being buried at the age of 45.

Global Scamming

The best example of people not thinking for themselves can be seen in this manufactured terror of Global Warming. Even people who believe they own their own brains are caught up in this fiction.

The fact that it is so much colder today than it was fifty years ago is slapped aside
as a mosquito.

Examine the winter weather which pertained in 2013/14 and 2014/15; i.e. ‘Snowvember' and then compare it to how people dressed in Washington D.C.
at John F. Kennedy’s funeral in 1963.

It was normal in those days for November to be a bit chilly. It was not normal for it to be bitterly cold, for there to be blizzards. In these days, winter begins at the end of October.

Take a look at photographs of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. Go back as far as you want, and come forward to 2015.

Notice there was no snow on the ground, notice it was not that cold.

It was normal, in those days for March to be the beginning of Spring not part of winter.

Sure, for the kid who has been blasted with propaganda from her birth in 2000 until ten minutes ago, Global Warming is gospel.

But for the guy who remembers the 1960s, it is a paean to American brain washing that he, who physically experiences cold, from the freezing of Niagara Falls, to the Government calling a state of emergency due to blizzards, can support
Global Warming.


Yes, if you think for yourself you would not be an easy subject for mind control. You would not be manipulated so simply

You would note how the US was anti-Assad and wound up funding al-qaaeda so have pulled back and will, (watch this space) become an ally of Assad.

America has to move slowly. Just as it took time to get the Sheep in Animal Farm to change from saying 'Two Legs good, Four legs better””Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better”...but it will happen. America will support Assad as there never was a reason to be against him.

Red China

I’m sure there are a few people out there who have not gone into Alzheimers yet, who can recall when Nixon when to China.

Up until that day America had ‘Red China’ as the worst place in the world.
There wasn’t a day where some antii-China rubbish wasn’t being shoved into the ears. The fear was that World War III would be between America and ‘Red China’ because the U.S.S.R. had too much to lose to engage in war; China didn’t.

Then, abruptly, with little warning; (ping pong? tiddly winks?) arch conservative President Nixon goes to China.

China is suddenly an ally?

Skip ahead forty years; and now China loans the U.S money.
And everything is ‘made in China’.

That’s the same ‘Red China’ the United States was expecting to launch WWIII.

Learn To Think

Learn to Think for Yourself. Look around.

The old lady who is still active in her 90s, find out what she eats, reads, does. Use her for a template, not the rubbish pushed by companies which have garbage to sell you.

Look out the window; has if been colder these past few years than ever before?
Then how can anyone tell you ‘the Earth is getting warmer’, when you, who live on Earth see it is getting colder?

Listen between the words when you hear the news; how is the station trying to ‘program’ you?
What responses does it which to gain? What opinions is it giving you?

If you do these things, you won’t make as much a fool of yourself by bleating like Orwell’s sheep.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
29th Mar 2015 (#)

While some things are hype, I agree, climate change is real. It is no longer called "global warming" but the frequency of odd weather does indicate that there is something going on and very likely human caused.

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author avatar Ptrikha
8th Apr 2015 (#)

I do agree. We had regular seasons of rain, Hot and Cold Weather. Now at times, it rains less during rainy season and more in winters. And sudden rains in starting of April makes one wear a jacket in early mornings.

Its not normal - climate change "is" a reality.

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author avatar Retired
29th Mar 2015 (#)

People really have stopped thinking for themselves. They rely on what the TV, radio, and that premier source of misinformation, The New York Times, spits out.

Even your moderator has heard so many times that people are causing the world to warm that he believes it...without so much as looking at contrary information that suggests otherwise or considers sources that don't fit what he already believes.

Besides being a terrible waste of a human mind, it's an incredible disappointment in our fellow man, isn't it, kaylar?

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author avatar kaylar
29th Mar 2015 (#)

The term 'climate change' replaced 'Global Warming' when it was clear there was no warming.

Experiencing this peculair back step, mis-step in which yesterday 'the world is getting warmer' and today it is 'Climate Change', only prepares you for tomorrow's, 'Coming Ice Age'.

We have no real understanding of what is happening on Earth. We don't know if the poles have shifted...moved....if there is a continental drift, if the earth has moved on its axis. We don't know.

Yes, the pollution of this river is because of that industry which empties into that river. But face it, more coal was burnt even 60 years ago than today...more coal was burnt 100 years ago than today....

My view is that 'Climate Change/Global Warming/Coming Ice Age are all divesions so that the West can move away from gasoline in a slow easy path so the billionaires have time to diversify.

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