Remembered Lifetimes...this one long ago in Sweden as Keira

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Often a fascination with different periods of history on Mother Earth and other planets can lead to an exploration of our previous lifetimes. In this piece the end of one of my lifetimes and meeting with the wonderful...also a video of Cloud Atlas lots of many lifetimes...

When the Christ touches to You

It was a time of ice and snow. The fields were bare and the leafless branches of the spindly trees seemed to wave threateningly at the pale, wintry sun. Nothing moved in the desolate bleakness. I walked along the stony, snow covered path feeling my strength ebb at each footstep. I knew it would not be long before I collapsed.

Suddenly I sensed a great warmth all around me. I turned and saw a man in a long brown robe walking behind me. His sandals were open and his head was uncovered and the biting wind blew his long hair and beard. I heard my name whispered. I heard the sound inside of me yet it seemed to issue from this man.

I stopped and swayed for it had been many days since I had eaten. He came up to me and placed His hand upon my head and slivers of heat warmed me through. I stared shaking and He gathered me in His arms. Inside I heard a voice telling me that it was time to come home and the Lord had sent his Beloved Son to carry me hence.

A glorious light filled my inner vision and I felt my heart almost burst with joy. He told me to forgive myself and the people who had hurt and harmed me. In that moment of forgiveness I became aware of a great lightness and then there was nothing.

What Karma is all About

It may seem strange to others who not yet have experienced the magic of their own soul and not yet learned that each soul incarnates but once and then goes through many re-embodiments clearing karma from previous ones and also experiencing all things for that is why in the first place the soul which is part of God (or Universal Consciousness/Divinity/Cosmic Consciousness) it what you will before returning into the Godhead....every person this does.

Some in their dream state will experience other lifetimes. Some lifetimes can be horrendous and we will not bring back memory unless we are supposed to.

The action of karma also can frighten some and others will deny for when a baby dies at a young age most blame God, not realizing it is a past action being cleared. Each and every action has its cause and effect and the effect is karma.

Most people will not agree which is fine for it is still going on.


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