Remembering 100 Wikinut Pages II - Short Stories

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I recently Published my 100th Page on Wikinut. But as new articles are published, the old articles keep getting lost into oblivion. This is second article on my series to bring back my old articles.

100 Pages on Wikinut

I recently achieved the milestone which had eluded me for some time now- 100 Wikinut pages. It feels great to have reached here. The journey was special and the journey made me love the site. However, unlike other sites, here at Wikinut your articles keep getting lost once you publish more than 25 articles.oblivion. If you go to any author's Page, you can only see their latest 25 pages and not all of the pages. If i want to refer to any Old page from a friend, it becomes really difficult. So what is the solution. One way is Organizing them on external sites like your Blog or Social Bookmarking sites. Another way is like this - Link back your old Pages and group them in any way you like.

All Published Short Stories

I have Published a total of 8 short stories at Wikinut. Here is all of them:

  • The Girl in Tattered White Frock
  • My first Horror Story- Loosely Based on True events which happened in our Hostel. A Guy is alone in a hostel when he suddenly wakes from a dream and is in a nearby forest. The Story describes his encounters with a Little girl - The girl in tattered white frock

  • The Golden Elephant
  • A short Love Story- . A story of three friends - two guys and a girl. The guys hate each other because of the girl. The girl chooses one guy and how the other guy who cannot get the girl, gifts her a golden elephant

  • Animal Rights - A story you cannot ignore
  • A Horror Story to scare you. Based on a waitress in a Restaurant who encounters three women who are advocates of Animal rights and the confrontation takes an unexpected turn....

  • Killed That Feeling - a Tale of Revenge
  • A Story of Revenge and hatred. written in a Poetic manner. A girl who get betrayed by her lover takes her revenge.

  • "The Mona Lisa Smile" - A Horror Story
  • Mona Lisa - A Painting associated with eternal beauty and its smile has puzzled everyone. Can The mystery behind a beautiful portrait be so scary and dark as to scare you to Death. Read this horror story but at your Own Risk

  • Two Months - A Short Story
  • Living a perfect life in a small town. Moving to a big city can be a daunting task taking its toll. A story of perfect couple moving to a big city where Husband supposedly cheats on the wife and wife decides to take revenge.But what is the truth really?

  • Imprisonment - A Short Story
  • A short story about a Prisoner who is imprisoned without any food or water for days. A Story of a mother who went to search food for her children but got imprisoned. Read this story. The end will surely Surprise you

  • The ReUnion
  • Reunions are known for bringing back lost love. A story about a perfect made for each other couple who drift away and meet again @ Reunion. Is there a chance of love or has love died Completely!

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