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A letter to an old flame. Wishing he were still here.

I am still here

Hi there! I hope all is well for you. Its been a long time but I must admit that you still cross my mind once in a while.

My soul mate

Up to this very moment I still believe you were my soul mate. Funny I consider you as that because we were so different in many ways. I worry too much about many things, while you were kinda laid back guy that oftentimes I get mad at you for having no dreams. You love certain foods that I despise. You love hanging out with your friends while i prefer to stay at home or i want to go and stroll at the mall while you still prefer to hang out with your friends. We used to argue a lot but I always win because it did not matter who got a point or who is right. Because just like in the radio advertisement, "Rule #1, I am right. Rule # 2, when I am wrong, I am still right. That was how you loved me. To the point that you spoiled me to death. Who would have imagined we would not end up being together. We were inseparable. We defied the odds. You and me against the world. Now its only me.

The sweetest

You would send me the sweetest love letters, even exerted too much effort in composing love poems for me. You would compile all our favorite love songs and make a very creative design for the cover. I cannot remember myself any happier than those times you have handed me those gifts. I only wish I had saved them. I would have had the sweetest living memory of you. Now, it is such a shame to only have memory of you and nothing else. Not even a single photo.

It has been 4 years

Wherever you are right now, I know that you are happy. My only regret is that you did not live to see the day that everything is all right as you have always wanted things to be. But I know you are having a better life up there in heaven.

I only have one request. Could you whisper in God's ear if he could send me someone like you once again? If it's not asking too much.


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author avatar lastay
5th Sep 2012 (#)

Thats really a lovely letter

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author avatar sandy72300
7th Sep 2012 (#)

I am glad that somebody liked it. Thanks Iastay. :)

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author avatar Vartika
8th Sep 2012 (#)


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author avatar sandy72300
11th Sep 2012 (#)

The feeling is no longer there for me Vartika, but as i write this piece, I could not help but cry. I could only wish he was still alive. I know he deserved a better life than what he had. Even without me.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd Sep 2013 (#)

We all become memories but still live in the minds of few we touch - siva

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