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This poem is an expression of my new inspiration, "Anytime I think about your presence in my life feel like a new chick chirping away"


An egg nest seated between the crevices of a rocky landform
High up in a mountainous region
An egg sits in it
Continuously bathed by the weather elements
But on this day, it swayed from side to side
Rocked forward and backward like a pendulum rocks
Completely unaided by the fresh breeze that caressed it daily
Suddenly there was a knocking from within
The knocking was persistent until it broke right through it
And shortly a face could be seen
And more of its body could be revealed as it peeled its shell off its body
Even nature could not explain how it knew to do that
It gently shook the rest of the hard shell off its body
And began to twitter continuously
A song of joy for a new day had come
A chirp of praise to be given the chance to live
Anytime I think about your presence in my life
I feel like a new chick chirping away
I feel renewed like a bird anew
The joy I feel, I cannot hide
For I have shed all of my shell
And opened up my heart to you
The weight that I carried, I have unburdened
It once sheltered me but I need a new shield
One that comes with unadulterated friendship
Passion that comes without passion
But yet comes with passion
New hope, new inspiration
New reason for motivation
This is all new to me
And I feel renewed


Inspiration, Motivation, Renewed

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author avatar Nina Fabunmi
I am an Artist , Poet and Writer. I believe in love, poetry is a part of me, the words play in my head and wouldn't let me rest till they are released.....

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