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The promised report on the Four New Writing Sites with reference to payouts

As Promised

In a previous article I admitted that I joined Four more Writing sites. Actually, I mentioned four but had joined six.

The reason I left the other two out of contemplation is because they shouldn’t be considered by anyone with two working brain cells. To mention them might gain a click or two, and the last thing I want to be accused of is sending people into the abyss.

Hence the Four I admitted were Expertscolumn, Seekyt, Topicspotter and Zujava.


This was a site which actually paid.

As previously mentioned, it seemed to gain the wrath of the Magog so had been suffering various Denial of Service episodes.

These seem to have ceased and one can log on.

However, this site NO LONGER PAYS.
IT CLAIMS that it will be up again in September.


Seekyt and Topicspotter

These sites don’t pay at all. You are only paid by clicks on ads.

Hence unless you write advertising copy, go over to Snipsley, a site I don’t recommend but you get 80% of the revenue you don’t earn instead of 70% of the revenue you don’t collect.


"Once you write articles and have saved your
various ad account IDs in your ??? account, all
of your journals and articles will begin to display
your ads 70% of the time. Unlike some other
revenue sharing programs, ??? does not actually
"split" the revenue with you.
You will earn 100% of the value of a click, sale, etc. - "

This means that unless you are selling something you make ZERO revenue.

To spell it out; if you are selling nail polish and write articles about nail polish, manicures, etc, which will be festooned with ads for nail polish, and link Amazon nail products, so that what you have written is no more than an advertisement for nail polish, you will get ZERO revenue.

You can have 1 Million readers, all leaving comments. You get NO REVENUE.

It is a fine place for those morons who leave the now blessedly deletable spam beneath articles.

Further, you get no graph at all.
You want to know how many hits?
Go to Adsense. .


Zujava is a must miss. It gets no hits, doesn’t pay and is kind of screwy. I have read the terms of service and it doesn't make much sense. The owners seem to have tried very hard not to state: "You are paid by Adsense / Amazon clicks and Clicks Only".

Having joined in January I have made precisely .03c.

This is .03c more than I have made on Topicspotter and Seekyt. I have no idea where that 3c came from, but I won't get a pay out until it reaches $5.00 which my great grand children should collect.

Still Haven't found What I'm Searching For....

I will keep joining writing sites, this is because I know how to 'play' them.

Firstly; Do a Search of the Site with the words +Scam or +Rip off. See what others have had to say.

Often you will be led to a blog or a message board. Focus on those who attack the writer. Once a site has 'Shills' you know that it's a Ponzi.

There is a difference between someone responding to the review with; "Well I also joined XYZ and found they do pay, but it is very low, and on no understandable rate,"
and one attacking with:

"You were thrown off the site because you broke the Rules!"

or some other personal attack against the reviewer.

As soon as you read that personal attack, pull back from your computer and say; "Shill".

There are people who ARE PAID to send TRAFFIC to particular sites. They are PAID to attack anyone who criticises the site that PAYS them.

Once you read a bad review of a Site followed by Shill Attacks on the reviewer, know you've found a Ponzi.

Secondly, never post anything that has any sentimental value to you. The site may steal your copyright..

The best thing, next to writing a 'Clown' series is to 'Spin'.

Take an article you have written on another site and rewrite it. See what happens.

Thirdly, write no more than the required number of articles in a month. Some sites demand 3 before you are accepted, some demand 5. See what happens. Never take the first months payout or non-payout as proof of anything.

A Ponzi like Knoji will pay relatively 'high' that first month, then begin the inexorable descent.

A friend of mine joined Knoji and reported that he received a bonus of about $1.00 for every article published in the First month. This eventually dropped to 10c. That 10c represents full PAYMENT for the article.

Fourthly, try to Stumble an item.
If Stumble Upon rejects the Site, you should too.

I'm still looking for a well paying writing site and will report on my progress or lack thereof.


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author avatar Buzz
16th Jun 2012 (#)

Thanks, my friend Kaylar.

ExpertsColumn (Hey, Wikis, hear this) is the best of them all. I've just withdrawn 5 USD since May 8 when I "republished" most but not all of my wiki articles, leaving those unique to wiki.

In contrast I received on June 9 my wiki revenue share of 2.68 GBP covering my dedication and devotion to Wikinut since June 3, 2011.

So it's really tragic-comedy to receive from Wiki 2.68 GBP after a year so much so that it brings me to tears.


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author avatar M G Singh
16th Jun 2012 (#)

Excellent article my friend. I was paid $ 1.50 per article by knoji and now its dropped to 0.09 c. Makes me laugh

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author avatar kaylar
16th Jun 2012 (#)

I try to be as accurate and fair when covering other sites, and often will rely on someone who will join the site to report on their experiences.

Wikinut does pay pretty badly especially considering the quality one has to present.

Madans response is exactly what my friend said; the TOS of Knoji, btw say the pay will go UP not Down.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Jun 2012 (#)

Thanks for a useful share, Kaylar. We seem to go around in circles to find a good site - siva

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author avatar kaylar
17th Jun 2012 (#)

There aren't any good sites so far. They all pay badly, if they pay at all.

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author avatar Han Van Meegerin
17th Jun 2012 (#)

It seems like a no win situation.

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author avatar kaylar
17th Jun 2012 (#)

By and large it is 'no win' you get xyz hits and get maybe 30c or something, but on the othr site you can get 1M hits but it only pays if someone clicks on an ad.

Of course, then there's Knoji which pays you 9c for your copyright.

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author avatar shaheda
19th Jun 2012 (#)

Read your review on factoizd,this is now knoji.I feel and observed that its only for a few writers who are paid.I received 0.80$ from knoji.There is one mike who monitors everything and rejects articles and company reviews and coupon reviews.i prefer wikinut any day.

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author avatar kaylar
20th Jun 2012 (#)

Mike is Mike Quac, the owner of Knoji and of the unlamented Factoidz. Knoji is a waste of keystrokes

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author avatar shaheda
20th Jun 2012 (#)

You are so right.

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author avatar kaylar
20th Jun 2012 (#)

In March I posted an article warning people about Knoji.

One of Factoidz/Knoji's major Shills, Jerry, who 'writes' here, attacked me, wrote a vicious article against me, and now, of course, has fallen silent.

Everyone has been ripped off by Knoji.

Even the Shills.

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