Reptilian Armageddon! The NWO: Debunking A Most Pitiful Obsession.

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Why theories of the NWO (New World Order) are ludicrous.

Conspiracy madness.

The problems with conspiracy therories amounting to the magnitude of a New World Order are both manifold and intractable.

Not conspiracies per se; we know that at times, governments do indeed operate immorally, and with malicious intent.I speak rather of those who insist upon our belief in shadowy makeshift entities that operate clandestinely at the highest levels of the political machinery, with the intent of foisting some as yet unclarified agenda on the entire planet.The glaring contradictions inherent in these flights of fancy may be summed up in a single word.

'Uniformity'. This in terms of scope, stealth, co-operation and timeline.

Notwithstanding the fact that these theories require that we put aside the most basic criticality, they include operations that proceed entirely unguessed at, entrusting seamless international fluidity and across the millenia.

Dealing with each in turn, let us first look at scope.Now, given that so pervasive an agenda would insinuate itself at every level of society, how then might such an undertaking remain so flawlessly unchecked? Society itself being hardly inconspicuous, how might these agents of corruption impose themselves without leaving at least some trace of their activity? The global population itself would necessitate a comparable intervention, numerically speaking.Looking at smaller-scale conspiracies, they required participation by a good number of individuals in order to bear fruit, or would if they are to be believed at all.Kennedy, 9/11 etc.Only practical assuming sufficient numbers of like-minded individuals.

As for stealth, if such as the Kennedy assassination could be so widely subject to conjecture and even serious scrutiny (Oliver Stone even made the film!), how then do we afford some measure of credibility to the NWO, given it's supposed ubiquity, dwarfing as it does any and all other lesser conspiracies? Amongst the inexhaustible manpower needed to execute it's directives, there will be found not one single whistle blower of any note.Or if they're all being quietly rubbed out after completing their tasks, then could we not assume the emergence of whistle blowers to that effect also? Or are all these initiates hand picked from orphanage stock of no immediate family and with vows of chasity?

Another example to this effect would be the recent British furore surrounding the expenses scandals.Once again we see how even a handful of corrupt politicians were systematically exposed and crucified, and over something far less damning than global domination.

Are we really to imagine that so massive a force, entailing such high level power games could honestly manage to elude detection by anyone at all? A local politician could be caught smoking a spliff, and he or she would be plastered across the headlines.

Let's look at co-operation now.

The existence of the NWO presupposes a level of such flawless international cohesion as to have never been recorded in the annals of history.If there was ever one singular component that could be said to characterise human relations, then it's WAR! War here, war there, war everywhere! Everything from localised disputes, to regional conflicts to absolute theatre-wide exchange., and these often lasting over years, even decades.History is awash with the failings of diplomacy, incorporating every possible manner of inhumanity and evil.Society, from it's earliest inception, was founded upon it's caapcity to wage war.To attack and defend.

You may argue that periods of relative stability may foster conditions conducive to the construction of such grand enterprises, but even there such conditions are mired in the possibility of further conflict.Peace itself may be seen as nothing more than a lull; a prelude to further contention.Such supra-national bodies as the EU may only be viewed with no less cynicism than as partnerships enacted with competition in mind.Indeed, competition remains the staple diet of international capitalism itself.

Given all this, I hardly expect that such harmonious relations as would need to be the bedrock of the NWO, could ever be forthcoming.Ranging from the mood and desires of diverse electorates, special interest groups, multi party systems of government, international competition and trade, crime, military exigency etc etc etc, so complex and volatile a global community is no place for some mythical legion to take hold, requiring as it does, some utopian stability that never hitherto made an appearance.

Which brings us to timeline.We needn't elaborate here, as obviously, it includes the above arguments in relation to persistence over the vastest swathes of time.

The NWO is said to be an organisation spanning the millenia, from roots to realisation.Again, are we to believe that a massive, seamlessly co-operative, entirely unobserved and unchecked international force has been creeping down through the ages, whilst being absolutely impervious to social upheaval and global ructions that include the economic, scientific-technological, military and political-ideological?

The greatest strength of conspiracy theories is at once their greatest weakness.The same level of fixity and scale that endows them as supremest fare for speculation and interest, erstwhile renders them as no more authentic and credible than as the next selling point on the popular fiction shelves in the local library.The aforementioned 'uniformity' principle.

Who knows? Perhaps the world has become so distasteful, boring and bereft of colour that we no longer look outside ourselves for stimulation.Rather, we retreat to within the hazy and indistinct realms of our imaginations.

Though for myself, I'll not worry about the shape-shifting, blood-drinking lizards just yet.



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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
23rd Mar 2011 (#)

David Icke kinda stuff...

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author avatar Excelsior
23rd Mar 2011 (#)

Innit.Bit far out for me.
Cheers for the pointers btw.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
28th Mar 2011 (#)

Good article with thoughtful insights.

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author avatar Excelsior
28th Mar 2011 (#)

Cheers for that.It's the scale of these things that defies me.

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